Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dive Bar Shirt Club: Antonio's Nut House

Not only did I just received my Dive Bar Shirt Club t-shirt for the month of February, but Dive Bar Shirt Club is now on Twitter as well! That's right, follow them at @divebarshirts. They're pretty cool guys and they've been supportive of my posts, so be sure to follow them.

Oh, and the news gets better. Not only do I really like the latest t-shirt (let's see: It's blue, which is my favorite color. And there's a gorilla on it, which is always cool. And I'm definitely not too grown up for a solid innuendo like "grab your nuts"), but for the second month in a row the bar of choice has a website, which means all I gotta do is cut and paste:

Despite the glut of coffee bars and upscale eateries on this stretch of California drive, Antonio's is a prime example of a neighborhood bar -- high on the basic requirements of beer, burgers and pool. That said, it's a favorite of the party-hardy college crowd.

Doors open at 9am, when patrons can enjoy full proprietorship of the lone jukebox, billiards table or dartboard, but saturday night is all about elbow-to-elbow group imbibing. Antonio's nut house is a place to drink -- and drink some more. Sure, you can get actual peanuts from a mechanical gorilla; but even the seen-it- all bartender admits, "it gets a little wild sometimes." expect frequent spillage.

Azteca taqueria, a full-sized grill making Mexican specialties as well as burgers and grilled sandwiches, shares the large space with Antonio's, and is open late into the evening.

Antonio's Nut House Website: http://antoniosnuthouse.com/

Dive Bar Shirt Club: Website - Twitter

Dive Bar Shirt Club T-Shirt Gallery

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