Monday, December 1, 2014

LIVE Raw thoughts - December 1, 2014

11:05 - Alright, off to the Podcast!

11:01 - Glad that Ziggler got the pin, of course.

10:45 - Not that I was looking all that forward to the Anonymous Raw General Manager, but isn't it a bit strange that it's been such a non-factor throughout the show?  Couldn't they just as effectively had McMahon announce Rollins vs. Cena, and then just allow matches to happen?  Like, nobody wondered "who booked Truth vs. Wyatt?" so why can't they get away with a main event just happening without an official announcement being made?  Was it worth retconning the whole Hornswoggle reveal and bringing back a mechanism that was just as unpopular as it was popular?

10:31 - Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled that Dolph is in yet another Raw main event....but I am disappointed that he's getting the "second guy out" treatment of the three man team.  The first and last guy are always considered the stars.

10:25 - Heyman is magic as always.  Somebody brought it up -- I think it was Kevin Sullivan -- but the absence of the WWE Champion has really taken the luster and mystique out of the Money in the Bank contract as well.

10:16 - I know Foley's wife is quite pretty, but who would have ever imagined that Mick Foley would have such a pretty daughter?

10:12 - Granted, Naomi is the only person they pushed fans to vote for, but I'm still sorta surprised she won.  I figured Natalya would.

10:05 - So, again, are the Bellas back together?  Nikki still seems to be bullying her but it's been acknowledged that the term of the servitude is over.

9:51 - JBL just said, "That's a great name for a finishing maneuver, Sister Abigail" with no sense of sarcasm.  Why, exactly?  What about that makes it a great name?

9:38 - After the year Sandow (I still prefer to refer to him as that) had, it's kinda really awesome seeing him get so much attention.

9:28 - Jack Swagger is the weirdest looking runner.  And Rusev hasn't even been around for a year yet and we're ALREADY recycling feuds?

9:19 - Our current secondary champions are great examples of WWE not allowing their Superstars to go full throttle with their characters.  You have an American hating United States Champion and you don't have him rechristen the title as the Russian Championship?  You have a guy wearing soiled clothing but then carries around a pristine white Intercontinental Championship?

9:11 - So what's the deal with the Bellas?  Are they back together?  Are they still pretending Brie is a servant?

9:08 - WWE is anything subtle when they're trying to get a nickname over.  Do you think they want us to call him Big Red?

8:59 - Really?  Is there anyone who was clamoring for the days of the Guest Host era?

8:54 - What's the benefit of adding Naomi to the Usos storyline?  Has it really helped anybody?

8:51 - Is this the first time they've acknowledged that it's just a guy in a bunny costume?

8:42 - Unless Cesaro and Kidd win this, that was a waste.  Why make your new team lose to a team nobody recognizes as a pair?

8:33 - Big E looks so uncomfortable dancing.  I do like the idea the three of them merging their original gear with their New Day gear.  Not sure I'm loving this gimmick, but if it means a renewed push for Kofi then I'm all for it.

8:23 - I'm kinda "Meh" about that opening segment.  Not only did they not mention that Hornswoggle was the General Manager, but they went straight back to saying the GM was faceless.  Worse off, Cena closes the laptop in this grand gesture of shutting off his power, only for it to not have any impact whatsoever.  And the segment was kinda disjointed.  GM speaks, Cena interrupts.  Cena speaks, Rollins interrupts.  Cena and Rollins speak, GM interrupts.  And then there was an onslaught of Survivor Series participants.

For that matter, what is Big Show's motivation to attack his team?  I understand him turning (he thought he would be better off with the Authority).  I understand his issue with Rowan (they had an altercation).  But with the Authority out of power and with Cena seemingly with the upper hand, why make things worse by continuing to attack his former teammates?

7:51 - So the big question about tonight's show seems to be whether they'll acknowledge that Hornswoggle is the Anonymous Raw General Manager (I think they will) and whether they'll acknowledge CM Punk and his comments on the podcast (I don't think they will).  What do you think?  Come back in about 10 minutes for my LIVE Raw thoughts.

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