Monday, January 19, 2015

LIVE Raw thoughts - January 19, 2015

10:50 - Okay, I can't imagine they're going to have this handicap match last another 15 minutes.  They can't, right?  Well, nonetheless, I'm pretty exhausted and wish to watch the remainder of this show in the comfort of my bed.  So, follow me on Twitter for the rest of my thoughts!

10:09 - That was a fun segment.  I actually expected Booker to return with Stevie Ray (or maybe even Goldust!)  But I didn't quite expect them to SO dominantly overcome the Ascension.

10:03 - How utterly disrespectful for Ascension to interrupt the group that made itself famous over utilizing gang warfare.

10:03 - Why does X-Pac sound like Ryback?

10:01 - Introducing Sean Waltman under his DX name while portraying his nWo character is just plain confusing.

9:53 - Has WWE decided if it's "A New Day" or "THE New Day" yet?

9:46 - Still a sucker for that Royal Rumble by the numbers video.

9:30 - Regular readers should I know that I detest when they have champions lose clean, but I think it needs to happen here.  Ambrose needs as many high profile wins as possible.  Although I do love that he got the nod as Flair's predicted Rumble winner.

9:18 - I noticed that Roman Reigns has reverted back to the Shield version of his ring gear.  No more colored trim.

9:04 - Wow, Shawn really took that Remington t-shirt criticism to heart.

8:53 - So wait, is Shawn still a heel from the whole Daniel Bryan thing?

8:44 - Really?  I mean, it makes me a LITTLE less angry about all of those Dean Ambrose losses....but surely even they can see the idiotic nature of having Daniel Bryan lose in his, like, third match back.  Ridiculous.

8:28 - I miss Daniel Bryan's awesome entrance jackets.  They wouldn't be so stupid as to have Bryan lose here, right?  Anything less than a cleanish win would be foolish.

8:22 - That opening was needlessly complicated.  Why involve the App?  Why not just make the match?  The one thing I really did like was the fact that Seth Rollins was on the big screen while everybody else was in the ring.  It added a nice element of cowardice to his character.

8:12 - I'm not necessarily wild about Cena's new color scheme (although I don't actively dislike it), but I actually really like the design.  Have you seen it?  It's got drawings of Cena's old looks.  It's actually kinda cool.

8:06 - Who knew?  You give Lesnar the mic and he can't stop saying "Baby."

8:01 - Random observation:  Imagine how much more fun this Raw Reunion would be if Ultimate Warrior hadn't passed away.  Don't get me wrong -- I'm not a huge Warrior fan and I think his act could get pretty tired, but we see pretty much the same Legends each and every time they do a reunion.  He, at the very least, would've been something different and new.

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