Monday, February 9, 2015

LIVE Raw thoughts - February 9, 2015

9:53 - I'm pretty exhausted so I think I'm going to watch this final hour from bed.  Follow me on Twitter for more thoughts on the show!

9:48 - I like it better when Stardust alternates his attire.  He's got so many alternatives (unlike Goldust), yet he's been wearing the purple pair non-stop since Royal Rumble.  Mix it up!

9:26 - It's frustrating that they've stalled the momentum of guys like Ziggler and Ambrose (and almost Bryan) for the sake of building up Wyatt, if the plan is only to feed Wyatt to the Undertaker.

9:16 - Something I appreciate about Ziggler -- the fact that he's constantly playing to the ground.  It's something a lot of performers forget to do.  They're rarely if ever silent during Ziggler's matches, because he's constantly forcing them to respond to him.

9:13 - They were making such awesome progress with Dolph, why put him in ANOTHER no-win situation here?

9:04 - Every time I see Rusev holding the United States Championship it disappoints me.  This guy is so anti-American and full of Russian pride, yet he carries around the United States title with no real sense of irony.  Why not change it to the more appropriate Russian Championship?  It would at least bring a little attention to the title.  Hell, maybe even sell a few replicas!  Or, at the very least, make an actual story about the fact that this giant American hater has the U.S. title.  Instead, it's just sort of a thing he carries around and defends, no different than if it was the Intercontinental Championship.

8:53 - Is this confirmation that the Fast Lane match IS for the Intercontinental Championship?  It's been insinuated but, as best as I can tell, not outright stated.

8:51 - Standard headscissors, described as a figure four around somebody's head.  Nope.  Not at all.

8:46 - Didn't some local DJ go on a Twitter rant about Big Show being a jerk, specifically saying that this was against their anti-bullying campaign?  And who appeared in a commercial for Be A Star today?  Big Show.

8:42 - Two matches, two almost identical DQ finishes.

8:33 - I guess Bryan/Kane/Reigns/Show each week wasn't quite enough.  Now they have to fight multiple times each show.

8:31 - Haha, gotta love your audience cheering Bryan hitting Reigns.

8:29 - And so Big Show and Kane lay out your top two babyfaces.

8:17 - I think we all agreed that we needed MORE Bryan/Kane/Reigns/Big Show combinations.

8:11 - Nothing like having your top heels essentially film a commercial for the WWE Network in the middle of their promo.  And did Triple H just confront Sting about whether they can confront each other at Fast Lane?

8:09 - So latest thoughts on whether or not Daniel Bryan is included in the WrestleMania main event?

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