Monday, April 27, 2015

LIVE Raw thoughts - April 27, 2015

10:00 - Lammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme.  Not only does Sheamus advance, but he was also in the dominant position.  This is like the worst booked tournament ever.

9:42 - So far 100% of my King of the Ring booking has been wrong.  Ambrose BETTER win here because any guy I've had interest in advancing so far has not.  I'm guessing Ziggler returns the favor and distracts Sheamus, allowing Ambrose to get the win.  Although the guy should just get a clean win.

9:30 - Ugh the Bellas are faces again.

9:26 - Leave it to WWE to turn Fandango babyface and embrace "Fandangoing" well over a year after it was a "thing" and after jobbing him out AND attempting to alter his gimmick to prevent Fandangoing.

8:51 - Wondering if they might connect Bo with Wyatt if rumors of the Ryback/Wyatt feud are accurate.

8:40 - Did JBL just ask, "Does that mean you have the Clap?"

Also, I'm disappointed that WWE's Superstar page doesn't list all three members of The New Day as tag team champions.

8:31 - "Dolph, let me distract you."  At least he's honest.

They finally give Barrett a win and it's against Ziggler???

8:29 - While I most certainly think that Ambrose should win this tournament (that way he has a notch on his belt, while Reigns has the more impressive Rumble win and Rollins has the World title reign), it does strike me as ridiculous that Sandow is not in this....and not winning it!

8:13 - Pretty big reaction for Reigns, actually.  Mostly positive, too.  It does make me sad, though, to see how much Dean Ambrose has been left out in the cold during this whole World title scene.

7:56 - So the King of the Ring tournament is returning tonight.  Here are the brackets:

Dolph Ziggler vs. Bad News Barrett
Stardust vs. R-Truth
Ambrose vs. Sheamus
Neville vs. Luke Harper

This is how I would book it, keeping a realistic mind of who they want to push and giving a bit of a bias of who I like and who I think they SHOULD push.

I would have Ziggler beat Barrett, Stardust beat Truth (since he needs a solid win), Ambrose beat Sheamus, and Harper beat Neville (since he needs a solid win too).  In the second round, I'd have Ziggler beat Stardust and Ambrose beat Harper.  In the finals, I'd have Ambrose beat Ziggler to be named King of the Ring.  Just as long as they don't do anything ridiculous like give him a crown.

Will any of that happen?  Check back in about a minute to find out.

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