Monday, June 29, 2015

LIVE Raw thoughts - June 29, 2015

11:02 - And that's the other thing that annoys me about all of these rehashed matches.  Why is Dean Ambrose even in a position to be losing to Kane, followed by Rollins, followed by Kane and Ambrose again?  They have a full roster.  If they built up more people, there would be more people for Rollins to face.  And if they built them up more consistently and stronger, these losses wouldn't matter.  Ambrose WAS protected for a long time, but he lost a lot of good will with the fans when he lost every single feud of his singles career.  Losses and wins absolutely do matter, and Dean Ambrose is your best example of that.

11:00 - So glad they spent all those weeks building up and protecting Ambrose just to see him job to Kane, job to Rollins, and then eat the pin in a tag match with Kane and Rollins.  Why in the blue hell is Ambrose getting pinned in a match that involves freakin' Kane?!?!

10:39 - Your career is not in a good place if you are losing -- AT ALL, no less clean -- to Barrett.

10:16 - Sheamus (needlessly, mind you) wearing his black t-shirt really kills entrance.  The way the bright lights hit him in total darkness, his whole body (minus his trunks) seems to glow because he's so pale.  The black t-shirt kills that.

10:05 - Woman standing behind a man with her former man standing on the opposite side?  The Attitude Era taught us that that girl is turning on the new guy.  I really thought Lana was going to hit Dolph with the low blow.

9:59 - They've been making out every week for like a month, and have been accompanying each other to the ring.  How is THIS them "going public"?

9:37 - It does strike me as odd that the one team that you didn't see any part of an entrance for is the tag team champions.

9:32 - Didn't this EXACT match happen on Smackdown or something?  Again, why do we have to see the same exact matches over and over again?  Use your damn roster!

And I still don't get why they gave up interest in the Lucha Dragons after the reactions they were getting around post-WrestleMania time.

9:30 - Is it really a good idea for a directionless (and, presumably, less over) Bray Wyatt to bring up his "father" in a promo?  You're just inviting IRS chants.

9:21 - Wow, what an incredible match.  Cena is on absolute fire as United States Champion.  It's sorta odd that this guy is putting on some of the best matches of his entire career, on a WEEKLY basis, and they're seemingly actively keeping him out of the main event.  And he's being incredibly generous too....presumably being saved from losses by Neville and now Cesaro.  And that was a really fun, awesome match.  Bravo to both guys and hopefully this is the beginning of some great things for Cesaro.

8:59 - So is Cesaro a heel again?  I had high hopes for him as a face.

8:52 - Strangely, that mini promo during his entrance worked.  Why not do more of that, and then have Cena explain the circumstances to the audience during the commercial break?

I am eagerly awaiting the return of Cody Rhodes/Stardust, by the way.  Obviously he needs to take as much time as he needs to heal and mourn, but I am cautiously excited to see what they have in store for him upon his return.  I'd love to see what others have suggested, for him to return as Cody Rhodes, but to continue using "Stardust" as a nickname (like Dusty Rhodes did, which I did not realize).  I actually liked Stardust more than most people did, but they clearly had no plans for him and he's been pretty much a jobber since WrestleMania.  So I think reverting back to Cody, who most people love anyway, would be for the best.

I'm just not sure Cena beating him for the US title in an epic first appearance since his father's death is necessarily the way to go.

8:42 - And actually, this is where the Authority misses the mark.  Sure, Mr. McMahon was always involved in the main event feuds, but the Corporation was all over the card.  Bossman was in the Hardcore division.  Shamrock was fighting for the Intercontinental Championship.  Kane was anywhere between the midcard and upper midcard.  The Rock was at the top. Bossman and Shamrock also fought in the tag team division.  Shane was feuding for the friggin European Championship!  Part of the reason why the main event scene has felt so repetitive is because it feels like the Authority MUST be in the main event.  For example, why isn't Stephanie actively involved in this Bella/Divas/Paige storyline?  Kane doesn't NEED to be involved in the World title picture, even as a secondary character.  I know it sounds like I'm saying "more Authority," but really I'm saying they should spread themselves out.  It'll freshen them up.

8:40 - Even from a storyline standpoint, what advantage is there for Alicia to join the Bellas?  Have they even bothered to explain that?  Granted, I like the story they're going for....that Paige is trying to rally the troops, with the troops being the very people she's turned against countless times before, but I just don't get the obstacle they've set up.  Why are people afraid of the Bellas?  Honestly, THIS was the time to involve Stephanie.

8:19 - Rollins was fun enough in his segment but JBL was a pain in the ass.  And why was Rollins acting like the tag team main event was a spur of the moment idea when it was already announced on  Nonetheless, the Authority was pretty fun in their roles.  But do we really need to see Mark Henry vs. Big Show AGAIN?!?!  Will the even acknowledge that Henry turned on him, like, less than a year ago?

7:58 - Alright, let's bring back the LIVE Raw thoughts tonight!  But one thing....I seriously can't believe that they're advertising a Seth Rollins/Kane vs. Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns main event for Raw tonight.  HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO SEE THIS MATCH?!?!?!  Honestly.  They've got a roster of, like, 100 people.  Why keep mixing and matching these four guys?  Dreadful.

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