Sunday, December 13, 2015

LIVE TLC thoughts - December 13, 2015

9:54 - Paige vs. Charlotte will be interesting since Charlotte appears to be going through a heel turn, whereas Paige recently turned heel and is really only a heel through her actions and relationship with Charlotte as a face.

9:50 - Again, a World title reign would've been preferable.....but this is better than nothing.  Then again, this IS typically the championship that seems the champion become a jobber.

9:48 - I still love how Owens randomly yells at Cole during his matches.

9:37 - In a perfect world, Ambrose would be competing for the World title (or the champion) and Owens would have a lengthy reign with the Intercontinental Championship.  But that's not the hand we were dealt.  As such, I hope we see an Ambrose win here because this guy desperately needs a big victory.

9:33 - Sorry, but the Royal Rumble hasn't ended with fans cheering in years.

9:18 - Rhyno has the strangest body ever.

9:10 - I'm still sad that we never got to see an AJ Lee/JoJo backstage segment.  The adorableness would've been off the chart.

9:00 - With great brutality, ADR is fiercely throwing all of those chairs around Jack Swagger.

8:52 - Wait, is ADR wearing completely different gear than what he was wearing during the social media lounge segment?  I would've sworn he was wearing black kneepads and trunks during that segment?

8:28 - I appreciate and respect what these guys are willing to put themselves through....but some of these spots annoy me.  Like, from a kayfabe perspective....if Big E is on the ground outside, presumably out of commission....and an Uso is in the ring, with a ladder set up, why would he decide to risk his body and his advantageous position by diving to the outside on top of a ladder?

8:10 - On the other hand, it looks like both the Lucha Dragons and the Usos have new gear.  Side note -- I like how the Usos wear the same shorts but different colored arm sleeves and tights.  I'm predicting that the New Day win here, but if they don't I'd like to go with the dark horse and see the Lucha Dragons win.

8:06 - Sadly, no new gear for the New Day.

8:00 - Are they really banking on the League of Nations bringing in those last minute buyers?  I guess I refer a new faction with some relative main event fresh faces than the Authority again.

7:41 - A kind word about WWE:  I like the new Royal Rumble logo.

7:33 - I honestly cannot remember the last time I was less enthusiastic about a WWE program.  The only reason I'm watching is because The Walking Dead, The Leftovers, and Once Upon A Time have all had their midseason finales and won't be on tonight.  There is really nothing else to watch.  But very little about the booking tonight will make me happy, and a lot of things could potentially make me annoyed.  I don't anticipate lasting the entire night with these LIVE thoughts.

By the way, does the whole Team BAD "Unity!" thing scream typically WWE mentality of meddling?  The fans have already taken to Sasha.  They already like her.  She's already over.  There's already a connection there.  Yet WWE feels like every person must have this over-the-top personality and catch phrase.  So instead, they have her acting in a way that seems totally counter to what got her over in the first place.

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