Sunday, December 23, 2012

Random Tribute to the Troops Observation

With Christmas just a couple of days away, and WWE's latest Tribute to the Troops now behind us, I thought I'd briefly discuss an observation I made on Twitter earlier this week.  Frankly, I really don't like the current presentation of the show.  Don't get me wrong -- I absolutely commend all that the WWE does to honor the troops.  WWE is top notch in that regard.  My issue is purely based on the presentation of the show since they've discontinued filming the show in the Middle East (and, again, I understand why they did this).  But this year more than any other year, it's begun to feel like "just another show."  You ignore the ring apron and the red, white, and blue ropes, and the show feels identical to any typical Raw, Smackdown, or PPV.  And that's a real travesty.

On top of being a really honorable and kind thing to do, Tribute to the Troops felt like something really special.  It was unlike anything you'd see from your average WWE program.  The ring was set up in the middle of the desert, with military personnel surrounding ringside.  People were standing on tanks.  In some instances, the entrance way appeared to be nothing more than a tarp draped over an archway.  And everybody was standing out there in broad daylight (it was almost surreal seeing Undertaker, in his current Dead Man persona, wrestling out in the sun).

But this year the show was held in an ordinary sports complex with their flashy high definition screens and padded barricades.  Honestly, why not try to do the show at the Naval Station Norfolk?  I believe that's what they essentially did in 2010, when the show was held in the United States instead of Iraq or Afghanistan.

Again, I think WWE is doing an awesome thing for our military personnel.  I just think that, in this particular case, less is more.  They should go back to what made the show appear so charming and special.  This show was sorely missing that feeling.

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