Monday, March 4, 2013

LIVE Old School Raw thoughts - March 4, 2013

11:02 - Wow....pretty shocked -- happily, though -- to see CM Punk win that clean.  And surprised we didn't see any build for the assumed Shield six man match.  But at least this show is FINALLY taking shape.

10:49 - Interesting that Sheamus -- and not Orton -- is getting the last entrance treatment.  By the way, did ANY Superstar whip out their old school attire?  I don't think so....

10:44 - Gotta love CM Punk yelling "What are you gonna do about it, woman?" as he walked down the aisle.  By the way, sorta loved that Mark Henry was the sole heel present at the Mae Young birthday celebration.

10:34 - Gotta love the fact that the creative team managed to find ways to make the New Age Outlaws, the Honky Tonk Man, the Million Dollar Man, and Ric Flair look good.....but Dolph Ziggler had to tap out clean to the Miz.

10:31 - While sacrificing Primo & Epico won't exactly bankrupt the company, it is a bit distressing that aside from the Jack Swagger segment, the Old School guys have gotten the upper hand in every single confrontation.

10:21 - Any chance we'll find out what Wade Barrett is doing for WrestleMania?  Another directionless guy.

10:15 - So I'm guessing the Shield helps CM Punk win the shot against the Undertaker, leading to Sheamus/Orton/Big Show vs. Shield at WrestleMania.

10:13 - WWE is a special company.  Not everybody can pull off a taped Social Media episode.

10:05 - So Triple H was happy that a near 70 year old had his hip broken by an MMA champion because it gave him an excuse to get back into the ring?  Hey, that's heroic.

10:01 - Let's see if Triple H remedied that ass sweat problem from last week.

9:51 - Considering how quickly they lost interest in Brodus Clay -- despite him getting a great reaction from the audience -- I'm surprised they're giving Fandango essentially the same character.

9:45 - Please, for the love of all that is good and holy, tell me that Kofi Kingston won't be losing to Fandango.

9:36 - Daniel Bryan stealing the $100 was brilliant.  I just really want to know what's going on with him for WrestleMania.  Teaming with Kane against the Shield?  Fighting Kane?  Give him something and start building it.

9:31 - Wait, does Daniel Bryan have Million Dollar Man's haircut?!?!

9:26 - Doesn't look like I'm right about Kane coming out in his old school attire (which is a big disappointment).  Also, while Daniel Bryan's beard is awesome....his hair is dreadful.

9:25 - Shouldn't Cody Rhodes care that his dad was attacked?

9:23 - So let me get this straight....Hacksaw Jim Duggan brings a 2x4 to the ring....and then gets upset when Jack Swagger holds it?

9:16 - That was a great promo and both Cena and Rock did a fantastic job.  I stand firm in my belief, though, that Rock should turn heel (even as early as tonight) to give the build for this match something different than the build we saw last year (and the prior year too, for that matter).  Yes, it would tarnish Cena's victory a bit (since the good guy is expected to beat the bad guy), but it would at least give us a different story.  Plus it's been exactly a decade since we last saw Rock as a heel -- it would be a huge breath of fresh air.

8:57 - I'm really disappointed in Rock.  If there was EVER a time for him to break out the sunglasses, overly extravagant shirts, and dress's Old School Raw.

8:51 - It still depresses me immensely that Jack Swagger (who I never really bought into) is getting this super strong push for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania, while Dolph Ziggler flounders completely (while also losing pretty consistently).  On top of that, it seems to be damaging the super hot act they had with AJ Lee.  She went from being a central part of Raw to randomly not appearing on either show for weeks at a time.

8:40 - What, Flair doesn't even tuck his shirt in anymore?

8:37 - Feels like so long ago that Zack Ryder defeated Mark Henry (with some Cena help) to earn a shot at the U.S. title.

8:32 - Love the Zack Ryder "Push Me" trunks.

8:31 - I was just about to complain about how we STILL don't know what's going to happen with Ryback or Antonio Cesaro for WrestleMania, but I'm pretty thrilled to see that it seems like they might be building the Ryback/Mark Henry match I proposed last week.  Like I said, it can be this generation's British Bulldog vs. Mark Henry.

8:24 - Is Cesaro supposed to be in old school attire?  I notice he's wearing plain blue trunks and no tape around his legs.

8:20 - Ugh, please don't tell me Antonio Cesaro is getting added to the list of people who ditch their unique entrance attire for their WWE Authentic t-shirt.

8:12 - Evidently every main eventer and upper midcarder who the company never bothered to plan out a storyline for wants to face the Undertaker.

8:06 - Last Old School Raw we had Mark Henry come out as Sexual Chocolate.  This year, do you think we'll see another current Superstar come out under his or her old persona?  My guess:  Kane in his original red costume and full mask, or Chris Jericho in the long tights and shiny shirt.

8:04 - Am I the only one who significantly prefers Lawler's old school attire?  I mean, there's the obvious point that Lawler is a senior citizen wearing graphic t-shirts....but for whatever reason, it really bothers me that he carries his crown now instead of wearing it.

8:01 - Right off the back, I loved the altered "Then.  Now.  Forever" graphic at the beginning of the show.  And kicking things off big, with the Undertaker right away.

7:59 - Excited for this special addition show.  Think it'll live up to expectations?

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