Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Trending Topics: College Humor attacks The Dark Knight Rises - [a case of the summer]

In the wee hours of Thursday morning (which REALLY felt like late Wednesday night) before we headed out on our six hour drive to the Adirondacks, my brother-in-law's brother showed me this hilarious The Dark Knight Rises parody video produced by the fine people at College Humor.  As a result of this video, we had SEVERAL running jokes throughout the long weekend, like Batman constantly turning to Bane for approval over what he was saying.  Not to mention great lines like "....in an order that would surprise you," "I stabbed you first," "which one of these tubes do you smell out of?" and "I am the world's greatest detective!"  And I absolutely loved the fact that the actor portraying Batman maintained the gravely Batman voice as he said these over-the-top, massively obscene things.

The quality is actually quite top notch.  Everything from the costume to the set to the video production feels really authentic.  Just two warnings:  This does give away a fairly major plot point from the movie, so if you haven't seen it yet, this does contain spoilers!  Also, this is most certainly NSFW.  So watch at your own discretion.  Enjoy!

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