Monday, August 19, 2013

LIVE Raw thoughts - August 19, 2013

11:12 - You know what?  All things considered, I enjoyed that conclusion.  Triple H and Randy Orton are two guys I would definitely prefer NOT to be in the main event, but at least they're in the MUCH more suitable role of heels.  And they legitimately seem behind Daniel Bryan as the renegade underdog who is fighting against the machine.  I could definitely get into that chase.

11:04 - Also, I kinda love the fact that the Shield is acting as security.

11:02 - It's not ideal, but let's all be thankful that Triple H is at least playing a heel this time.  He essentially did the same routine with CM Punk, but he was presented as the hero.

10:55 - Seeing Triple H, Vince, and Steph in the ring together reminds me of the end of WrestleMania 2000.  Which, as you know, was over 13 years ago.

10:32 - Between the repeated appearances by the Shield, the Wyatt Family, and now 3MB, this episode of Raw is really dominated by three man teams.

10:01 - Wow.  I guess Punk's not your traditional babyface.  Bleeped twice and challenging fans to fight him.

9:58 - With Brock gone again for presumably a long while, I'm interested in what the next chapter for Punk will be.  Would they put him in an Intercontinental title match with Curtis Axel?  I'm all for building the prestige for that championship, but it does feel like a step down.

9:44 - There really is no middle ground with Big Show.  He's either a super smiling doofus or he's this big scowling grouch.

9:43 - These Ryback skits are the definition of treading water.

9:34 - FINALLY some new gear for the Big Show.  I hated the green camouflage singlet.

9:32 - Smart putting Darren Young in the position to make the hot tag.  Glad the announcers haven't mentioned the news.  No need to make him "the gay wrestler."  Well done, WWE.

9:27 - First live appearance of Darren Young since coming out.  So far the crowd reaction has been positive, which is good.  Wondering if the announcers will bring up his news.  I guess they're faces now, as well.  Probably a good choice.

9:20 - Ricardo and Rob Van Dam?  Not sure how I feel about that.

9:10 - I'm strangely excited about seeing what the sideplates look like for Randy Orton's WWE Championship belt.  Although part of me believes that they've ALREADY given up on the customized designs and will just be going with the standard WWE logo.

8:58 - I don't mind Dolph getting involved in this Triple H stuff, if only periphery.  I do hope he gets a little more direction, though.

8:33 - Still lovin' the Cody push.  Still think it's a mistake that he shaved the mustache.

8:31 - Did Lawler just make it seem like somebody was pretentious for daring to correct somebody who was ACTING like a school principal?

8:22 - Great opening segment.  I love how they've set up Daniel Bryan as a renegade underdog.  And Steph, surprisingly, did a great job playing her part as well.

I'm still miffed about Cody shaving his mustache.  Like I said last night, it set him apart from everybody else.

8:16 - Internet went down (again), but it's back!!  Just to warn you, though, I may disappear again if that happens.  Loving this segment so far, by the way.  Didn't expect the Cena kickoff but he did a good job.

7:58 - It's the first Raw after an exciting and very entertaining SummerSlam.  Now, my question to you is, whose theme music will the show kick off with?  Triple H, Daniel Bryan, or Randy Orton?  Let's find out...

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