Monday, September 16, 2013

LIVE Raw thoughts - September 16, 2013

11:04 - Now THAT is the ending we have all been waiting for.  Raw was pretty lackluster tonight -- there were some good matches and a couple of great segments, but overall it dragged on -- but that was an awesome ending.  It was about time that the roster filtered out and came to Bryan's rescue.  Great visual and somewhat overdue.  Well done.

Only odd thing....what was with Kofi Kingston taking that Roman Reigns spear?  The segment was an absolute assault of the Shield, yet Kofi takes a random beating?  Seemed odd...

10:35 - First on screen acknowledgement of Brie and Daniel Bryan as a couple, and it was surprisingly restrained.  Purposeful or not, the Bellas are extremely unlikable characters, so I'd be extremely hesitant to pair them up too much on TV.  I do like the idea of Bryan being an inspirational favorite backstage, though.

10:24 - I'm glad that the Usos haven't completely been forgotten now that the Prime Time Players are the new flavor of the month.  Good for them, this was a fun match.

10:20 - "Here's what you missed if you don't have the app" we show it to you now.

9:51 - Orton doesn't seem to be eliciting much emotion from Miz's parents.  His dad seems particularly uninspired.

9:35 - Why would Miz be happy about this match?  What does he stand to benefit?

9:22 - Actually, Natalya, wasn't that a tag team title match?

9:14 - As an extension of the below comment -- seeing Big Show punch out Dusty out of mercy would have been that much better as well.  No drawn out apologies or whining.  Just Big Show realizing that Dusty's fate would be much worse if he was on the receiving end of a Shield beatdown.  Again, less is more.

9:12 - Less would be SO much more with this Big Show thing.  We don't need to see him blubbering and crying in order to understand his ordeal.  Frankly, seeing Big Show punch him and then hug him and set him down, without crying, would have been a lot more powerful.

9:09 - This is a fun segment but I swear....if Big Show cries....

9:03 - Is there a more ill fitting theme music than the one Stephanie McMahon has?

8:52 - "Attention!  We're going to need all of the minorities on the roster to stand around Dusty Rhodes!  And, randomly, Natalya!"

8:47 -  I see guys like Fandango and R-Truth and it truly accentuates how many guys are treading water right now.

8:36 - Careful now....Brad Maddox might be welling sensibly fitting clothes!

8:32 - Had to laugh at Dolph Ziggler pointing at Jerry Lawler before hitting that 10th elbow drop on Ambrose.

8:22 - With things going the way they had, I really wish they hadn't taken the World Heavyweight Title off of Dolph Ziggler.  Alberto Del Rio hasn't exactly lit the world on fire, and the crowd is STILL into Ziggler despite not being treated all that great over the past couple months.  Do something with the guy!

8:10 - Somebody learned a new word....  #cadence

8:02 - I love the "Respect the Beard" t-shirt and all, but I really wish Bryan would bring back his awesome leather entrance jacket.

7:53 - Looks like I was half right.  He went "YES!  YES!  YES!" for BOTH sides.  And, for the first time ever, the side plate features color!

7:46 - Alright, sounds like Night of Champions was unfortunately lackluster (which is surprising, since WWE almost always delivers on their PPV's), but Daniel Bryan walked away with the WWE Championship.  Two questions:  Will the decision be reversed?  And what will Bryan's sideplate design be?

I would imagine we have a few options here.  One is the circular "DB" design he occasionally sports on his trunks.  Another is the classic American Dragon logo.  And then there's the idea I would do:  "YES! YES! YES!" (or just one) on one plate, and "NO!  NO!  NO!" on the other.  Although he has sorta drifted from yelling "NO!"

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