Friday, September 20, 2013

Throwback Thursday: The defending champions - [a case of the summer]

Since this is the final week of my [a case of the summer] series, this will also be the last Throwback Thursdays.  I'm actually quite disappointed that I didn't devote more time to this feature, since it always got good hits and it was a lot of fun to do.  However, for whatever reason, Thursdays ALWAYS ended up being the toughest days for me to sit down and write.  Something always came up.  As a result, this feature definitely got the shaft this summer.  Having said that, I do think I might bring it back here and there.

The final edition will look back at a photo collage of my office's softball team.  In 2011, my firm started an Inter-Office Softball Tournament, with the six offices in the area competing against each other in a tournament.  In 2011, we won in dominant fashion (we suffered one loss, but mercy ruled in two games -- including the finals).  In 2012, we reclaimed the championship with an undefeated performance.  This year, our team has been split into two (our own little brand extension, if you would) due to a recent merge.  This complicates things, but I'm still eager to see if we're able to take home the trophy once again.  Let's hope!

Take a look back with the below photos:

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