Sunday, May 4, 2014

LIVE Extreme Rules thoughts - May 4, 2014

10:44 - A fun match that picked up in the latter half.  The post-match stuff almost seems to imply that this feud is continuing, which is a bit surprising.  Wasn't match of the night (that goes to Shield/Evolution) but I'm glad it went on last.  Let's hope that's the trend for Bryan's reign.

10:37 - Zack Ryder couldn't change a tire.  Daniel Bryan knows how to work a friggin forklift.

10:20 - I wonder what the thought process was when Bryan decided he was going to wear the World Heavyweight Championship and hold the WWE Championship.

10:05 - By the way, I love how they came up with new, wittier names for the midget announcers halfway through the WeeLC match.

9:57 - Well, I'll be having nightmares forever.

Also, not an enjoyable match.

9:27 - Nice, they ARE going to let Bryan/Kane close the show.  By the way, I'm surprised that two of the three highlighted matches will be over by the final hour.  What does that leave?  Bryan/Kane and the Divas match?

9:23 - Incredibly fun match!  I'm surprised by the result, as well as the person who ate the pin (whatever happened to these reports that Batista didn't come back to job to everyone?)  But really, really fun.

9:20 - I really do love watching the Shield lately.  And WWE has done a phenomenal job of highlighting each one in their own way.  Yes, there seems to be a bigger end game for Roman Reigns, but it's certainly not "Roman Reigns and two other guys" now.

9:01 - I'm disappointed that the Shield has already ditched those awesome skull masks that they wore during their entrance following WrestleMania.  Those were cool!

8:58 - Surprised to see this match so early in the show.  Perhaps that means that Daniel Bryan will close the show?  I'm guessing it's either him or Cena.  Also, new red gear for Batista.  I'm guessing he'll be the only one not in black in this match.

8:52 - Pretty remarkable how Curtis Axel and Big E both got Intercontinental title reigns as a culmination of what was to be a big push....only for them to do absolutely nothing as champion.  Here's hoping that Barrett has more luck than they did.

8:40 - I'm surprised they haven't replaced "God Saves the Queen" with "I'm afraid I've got bad news" prior to his theme music playing.

8:37 - Fun fact:  Through my firm, I'm actually volunteering at the Special Olympics next month.  I wonder if I'll see any WWE Superstars.

8:29 - There's still something about these characters that I just can't get into.

8:17 - Awkward when your announcers don't even remember that it's an elimination match.

8:06 - New black and red gear for Swagger, replacing the black and yellow color scheme he had been sporting for the past few months.

8:04 - Is it sad that I'm just happy that the Daniel Bryan match was even included in the opening video?

7:53 - Wow....that was actually A LOT more extreme than I anticipated.  Respect to all involved.

7:37 - Well, since I have the WWE Network and I can watch all of the PPV's for "free," I thought I'd do my LIVE thoughts of Extreme Rules (A PPV I never would have purchased for $40).  First observation for today:  Los Matadores have completed their transformation into the El Matador.


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