Saturday, April 19, 2014

A fun observation on Triple H and the Evolution reunion

So this past Monday on Raw, Triple H, Batista, and Randy Orton officially reunited, making their entrance to the classic Evolution theme music.  While this was a neat moment that I did enjoy, somebody over at Scott Keith's blog made an observation that I thought was pretty cool -- this is just the latest reunion Triple H has put together to fight one of his wars.

Triple H initially had the Authority to do his bidding -- at the time, keeping the title on Randy Orton.  This included himself, Stephanie, Orton, and the Shield.  Kane later joined the team.  However, they had trouble fighting off Daniel Bryan.  So what did Triple H do?  He went turned to Shawn Michaels, his original DX running mate, to cost Daniel Bryan the title at Hell in a Cell.

Meanwhile, CM Punk was starting to fight back on his own by taking his frustrations out on the Shield.  What did Triple H do?  He got two members of HIS vision of DX, the New Age Outlaws, to take Punk out.  He later also relied on them to take out the Shield when THEY became a problem.

Ultimately, Daniel Bryan did become WWE World Heavyweight Champion and the Shield decimated the New Age Outlaws (and Kane, for that matter).  So what did Triple H do?  He went to his running mates during the next phase of his career, Batista and Randy Orton.

So, essentially, Triple H's wars since turning heel have represented each phase of his career -- in order!

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