Monday, September 24, 2012

LIVE Raw thoughts - September 24, 2012

11:06 - Actually, a really smooth and enjoyable Raw.  I appreciated the Cena/Punk promo (understanding that it was somewhat limited due to Cena's condition) and I was HIGHLY intrigued by the Ryback appearance.  Very, very interesting stuff.

10:54 - I usually defend Cena, but I hate when he speaks like Ned Flanders.

10:43 - And the answer is, the Big Show.

10:41 - You will remember that way back when, I suggested intersecting the Tensai/Clay/Ryback undefeated streaks.  Both of these guys have suffered a few losses -- I'm curious to see who's higher up the ladder at this point.

10:35 - I can't wait until we see that security footage to see once and for all that Kevin Nash sent that text to himself.

10:25 - I expected Team Friendship to win, but I'm happy with Team Hell No.

10:14 - I know Daniel Bryan is a vegan for health and not moral reasons, but I imagine he's sure going to get hell for taking a bite of the meatball.  Even if he did just throw it up.

9:58 - I'm still disappointed that we haven't seen an AJ/Rey Mysterio backstage segment yet.  Also, I love that Ricardo hasn't even taken off his sports jacket.

9:46 - I'm glad Lawler is doing so well and it is truly remarkable how great he looks just two weeks after a major heart attack, but it was a little uncomfortable seeing those photos of him getting CPR performed on him.  It was just unsettling due to the reality that, even given a moment as tragic and human as that, somebody is still snapping photos.  I'm not passing judgment, it's just unsettling to think about.

9:25 - Okay, that latest Daniel Bryan/Kane segment was a little creepy.  And way to mess up the "When Harry Met Sally" line, WWE.

9:23 - It's too bad that Miz has already cleanly jobbed to Cena, Kane, and a number of others.  Otherwise, that Ryback victory would have felt like an even bigger deal.

9:18 - I'm guessing this isn't for the title, but I'm still surprised that they're giving away Miz/Ryback so soon.  They could really build this up.

9:12 - I understood and appreciate what Mick was going for, but it's so rare that we see a title reign of this length that it was a bit discouraging to hear him say that numbers don't matter.  Again, I know that wasn't the overall sentiment, but still.  Overall, though, it was an awesome segment that hit all the right notes and points.

9:02 - You know those little things I appreciate?  Punk's little shoulder shove into Foley as he grabbed the mic was one of them.  Great stuff and great ring presence.

8:56 - According to Joey Styles' Twitter feed, the options for the Daniel Bryan/Kane name are "Team Teamwork," "Team Hell No," and "Team Friendship."  Team Friendship seems to be what they've been pushing, so I expect that to win.  Team Hell No is good, too.  Personally, I like "No Chants In Hell."

8:52 - "No Days Off".....except for that time he got suspended.

8:47 - The English major in me appreciates the fact that they brought up the grammatical nightmare that is "I am the tag team champions!"  I still hate when they do the camera view of the live audience watching the Titan Tron.  Why do they think I want to watch somebody watching something instead of just watching it myself?

8:35 - Awesome match with a lot of believable near falls.  I love seeing Dolph win, but it's too bad it was against the OTHER guy who loses far more than he should.

8:27 - I told Barbershop Window that they should do a "Heels Can't Wear Pink" t-shirt, based on their "Heels Wear Pink" shirt, but they haven't responded.  I mean, Dolph Ziggler, Damien Sandow, and Natalya have all strangely not appeared in pink (during their breast cancer awareness period), it'd be great!

8:15 - I enjoyed the fact that they focused on Punk's history with AJ in this segment.  Yes, Punk's mentioned the marriage proposal numerous times, but this was the most focused that aspect of their rivalry has been.  And it really added some impact to Punk's claim.  AJ slapping Heyman was expected, although I'm curious if they'll even remember that the Board of Directors prohibited AJ from attacking any on-air talent, lest she lose her job.

8:08 - And the Converse are back!!!!!!

8:06 - I really hope that referee I've never seen before last week doesn't resign!

8:01 - Let me tell you what I like and don't like.  What I do like:  It's my birthday week.  And CM Punk/Paul Heyman are kicking off the show.  And it appears that Punk has grown the hair back on his beard.  What I don't like:  CM Punk is sitting down in protest, and he's not sitting in Indian Style.  Talk about a missed opportunity!

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