Sunday, September 2, 2012

Summer of Excitement - Briefcase Star Search - [a case of the summer]

I hope everybody is enjoying their Labor Day Weekend!  Hopefully you have tomorrow off.

Anyway, the story behind this week's edition of Summer of Excitement is probably more interesting than the story itself.  Since I had nothing particularly exciting pre-planned, I had initially intended on making this week's post about me confronting a situation in my life that I found scary.  Since I knew I wouldn't be able to provide any important details, you readers would be left with a cryptic and vague post that really wouldn't mean much to you.  So, as a supplement, I decided to drive over to the house used for the exterior shots for The King of Queens and try to get a photo of the A Case of the Blog briefcase, since I recently realized that it's only a few towns away from me.  I also remembered that Leonardo DiCaprio was filming a movie even closer to my hometown, so I decided to try to get a photo of the briefcase at the filming base camp.

Well, in BOTH instances, I realized the mission was rather thrilling and scary, so I decided to re-film my introduction to make THIS the Summer of Excitement event, instead of a mere supplement.  So, enjoy!

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