Sunday, September 23, 2012

Summer of Excitement - Bachelor Party - [a case of the summer]

I often joke that the Summer of Excitement kicked off with a wedding, and it's now getting capped off with a bachelor party.  Yesterday we celebrated the end of my friend Chris' bachelorhood, and boy was it an all day affair!  I stayed in bed until about 3:00 today (and only got out because I was so hungry) and I'm STILL exhausted.  It was a really great time.

The day started off with us getting on the party bus (more accurately a party limo) and heading to CitiField for a Mets game -- the first Mets game I've ever been to, actually.  Apparently people dressed up as Ninja Turtles were there, so my mission for the day was to get a photo with one of them.  Sadly, I failed.  From there, we went to the 13th Step, basically took over the entire backroom, and played some beer pong (with virtually every team being siblings, which was a nice touch).  Unfortunately, my brother and I went down in our first game -- but not without a strong fight.

We then went to the Frying Pan, a boat that sank and was underwater for three years before being raised, sold, and moved to New York City.  It's now docked on the Hudson and serves as a unique bar that specializes in buckets of beer (hooray!)  We had dinner at Uncle Jack's Steakhouse, where we continued to eat and eat and eat.  And drink, of course.

We made a few more stops before returning to New Jersey and closing the night at our favorite local bar (fittingly).  It truly was a 15 hour day of drinking and partying and being on the move.  This was pretty rough -- I don't even like being awake for 15 hours at a time (and based on last night, I've shown I CAN sleep for 15 hours!)

One thing I did find particularly funny, though, was when we went to Headquarters (a gentlemen's club).  I'm not really a fan of the whole strip club thing (and I'm not sure any of us were, since we weren't there that long), just because it's so expensive and I can't ever relax since the second I sit down, somebody is trying to give me a $20 lapdance.  But I did decide to get one, and while the girl was taking me to a seat, our waitress came up to me and asked if I needed a drink.  The girl asked what the waitress said, and I told her.  The girl then says, "she's so annoying.  I mean, to ask you that just as I'm going to give you a dance."  So it's nice to know that women can't stand each other in the workplace even at strip clubs.

Overall, though, it was a completely awesome time and a totally fitting way to conclude the Summer of Excitement.  I hope this feature has lived up to your expectations!


Ella Fleming said...

Haha! That's quite an experience you've got there, Matt! But in a deeper sense, crab mentality is bad for business. I've visited the Frying Pan before. If I'm not mistaken, a friend of mine once rented it to hold a hip hop event. This ship proves that everything happens for a reason. :) By the way, congratulations to your friend, Chris! I hope he had a wonderful wedding day!

Ella Fleming

Matt Basilo said...

I have to admit that I needed to look up the expression "crab mentality" -- now that I know what it means, I may start using it. I'm curious, though, were you referring to the strip club story in regards to that phrase?