Monday, May 13, 2013

A follow up on the Brenda/Dawn matter

As a follow up to my post last night asking whether Brenda or Dawn (or Brenda AND Dawn) went too far with their actions towards each other, I came across this interview that Dalton Ross (of Entertainment Weekly) had with Dawn following the finale:

This was a great interview that reinvigorated my like for Dawn.  Yes, her crying was annoying and some of her actions were personally disappointing (like voting off my Survivor love Brenda), but outside of the game (and really, probably to an extent WITHIN the game) I think she's probably a very nice, caring woman.  And she came across very positively here.

And I credit Dalton Ross, who never shies away from asking tough, compelling questions to the contestants and host.  Here, he brought up the great point that Dawn was "forced" to apologize while no reference whatsoever was made to Brenda's behavior.  Even worse, it turns out that Dawn was somewhat blindsided by the whole "now, apologize" thing.  But Dawn seems to be in a peaceful place, having ALREADY apologized for what she had done.  And, to her credit, she did reveal that Brenda apologized following Tribal Council as well.

In regards to my stance on the issue, the more I think about it, the more I'm against Brenda (and trust me, that's tough for me to say).  I DO think she made a strong point in asking Dawn whether she REALLY would have dropped out of the competition had Brenda not retrieved her teeth.  And I don't even have a problem with Brenda ASKING Dawn to take out her teeth, to prove a point.  I think those were really strong points and would have resonated with the jury.  Hey, Brenda saved Dawn.  Dawn says that's not the case.  But Dawn won't put her money where her mouth is.  Brenda wins.  However, Brenda kept pestering and pushing, to the point that Dawn had to do something that you could tell she was very uncomfortable and unhappy doing.  And when she went THAT far, she turned into the bad guy.  It went from Brenda trying to prove a point, to Brenda trying to hurt Dawn.

Anyway, here's the video if anybody is interested in viewing it:

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