Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Office: Michael Scott's Return

So last week was the much anticipated series finale of The Office.  While the show has been a bit polarizing -- to say the least -- over the past two or three years, I've actually quite enjoyed the episodes leading up to the finale.  In particular, the work life chemistry between Dwight and Jim (as regional manager and assistant to the regional manager, respectively) has been hilarious.  I especially love all of the overly elaborate paintings in Dwight's office.

However, come finale time, there was really only one question:  Would Michael Scott show up?  Well -- SPOILER ALERT! -- he did!  And personally, I loved the moment.  I loved how it was both a surprise and completely telegraphed.  And it was a big moment, but it also didn't overwhelm the finale.  I thought it was great -- with an emotional and surprisingly understated "That's what she said" making his introduction.  Check out the video below for his return scene.

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