Monday, April 14, 2014

LIVE Raw thoughts - April 14, 2014

11:11 - So wait, does that mean the Authority is no longer a thing?

11:07 - Awesomely surreal moment hearing the Evolution theme music.

11:01 - I think we're essentially seeing a Nexus reunion right now.

10:49 - No surprise there.  At least it was a really good, competitive match.

10:31 - Considering Dolph's recent losing streak and Barrett's new character, I'm thinking Dolph doesn't have a shot.  Sadly.

10:23 - Surprisingly fun backstage segment.  WWE does a great job of getting fans emotionally invested with Kane and his mask.  Any time he even teases putting it back on, fans (including myself) eat it up.  I'm interested in seeing where this goes next.

10:18 - Fandango and Santino are in one of those loops where they keep fighting each other pretty much every week, but don't really have a defined storyline.

10:05 - "The last thing I need is another push, nobody wants that."  How do people not appreciate John Cena?

9:49 - The conclusion of the Sheamus/Swagger match was another reason why I don't always care for the soundbite/storyline style of commentating.  Sheamus was limping out of the ring and collapsed, the teh announcers ALL completely ignored it so that Cole could set up the next segment, an Adam Rose promo.

9:44 - I honestly cannot think of a single feud Sheamus has been in since his storyline with the Shield at last year's WrestleMania.  Unless you count his little tiff with Christian.  But other than that?  Can't think of a thing.

9:28 - Really need into this act.

9:16 - I wonder why they haven't given Cesaro theme music yet.  I mean, he had theme music before joining the Real Americans.

9:08 - One of the most polarizing aspects of Hogan/Warrior is the fact that Hogan kicks out immediately after the three count.  Some felt like it added a bit of realism:  A finishing maneuver doesn't necessarily kill you dead.  Some found it cheap, like Hogan didn't put him over convincingly.  As a kid, I never even noticed it, so it's probably a bit overthought.  What are your feelings on it?

9:06 - Absolutely loving the Shield.  These guys have been totally on for all of 2014.

8:59 - I love the Warrior facepaint in place of their usual warpaint for the Usos.

8:52 - I am personally excited for a legitimate Paige/AJ Lee match.

8:42 - I personally can't wait for Legends' House, but can we PLEASE get a new commercial?  I feel like this is the same one they used back when they announced the Network in 2012.

8:38 - Rybaxel's kinda sorta but not really matching color scheme irks me.

8:36 - LOVE LOVE LOVE Goldust's hooded vest.  Well done.

8:29 - I don't know what it is, but there's something about this Toys R Us commercial that makes me hate everybody involved.

8:26 - I'll admit it, I kinda like this Evolution reunion story.

8:23 - That leg sweep off the turnbuckle was a pretty cool spot, actually.  Semi-surprised to see RVD win, actually.  I'm guessing Cesaro wins the entire thing.

8:12 - Probably the toughest match to predict.  Are they going to have RVD lose just a week or so after returning?  Then again, ADR is the one who has a semi-feud with Big E.

8:06 - Very sweet and classy tribute to the Ultimate Warrior (and hey, we even got a Vince McMahon sighting!)  I did find it odd, though, that they never showed the Superstars on the right side of the stage.

I also love the idea of an Intercontinental title tournament, but I wonder if their focus should be on the United States Championship.  With Ambrose now a face and quickly approaching one full year as champion, this would make great ammunition for the feud with the Authority.  I also think they need to get either the US or IC title on a heel so that they can finally merge those two titles.

And interesting factoid about the Intercontinental tournament -- every single match has at least one former World Heavyweight Champion.

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