Sunday, December 14, 2008

Other finales on TV!

So I haven't had a chance to discuss the season finale of one of my favorite new shows, and the series finale of a show I've been a long-time fan of.

Lets start with Boston Legal, which celebrated its final episode last Monday. I'll be honest, I haven't seen a single episode this season, but I've long considered myself a fan of the show. That being said, the past couple of years, the show has become almost unbearable with its FAR FAR FAR left leaning rants. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with characters expressing certain political beliefs, but it drives me crazy when the show's creator uses his characters as a mouthpiece in an inappropriate environment without offering the other side any rebuttal (something Family Guy is often guilty of, as well). I mean, Alan would go on and on and on about some current issue, and the opposing side would have nothing to say whatsoever. And don't think it's coincidental that the only conservative character -- Denny -- is the series' comic foil.

For that matter, Alan has slowly become one of my least favorite characters on television. And not in the good, Dr. House way. The characters on Boston Legal are constantly talking about what an amazing lawyer he is, but for the life of me he I don't understand how he ever wins any cases. His argument very rarely ever truly relates to the actual case matter, and he's completely disrespectful to those around him. Despite the writers' intent, he's not charming either.

Anyway, as for the finale itself, I thought it was a fitting way to cap off the series. Alan and Denny getting married, but inoffensive. Shirley and Carl tying the knot seemed a bit out of place, though. Like I said, I haven't watched this season, but I never really bought into that relationship. But, whatever, it's fine. I also liked the feeling that things aren't ending, necessarily, but that they'll never quite be the same. The law firm has new owners, a new name, and the characters we have followed throughout the years will likely be moving on. I suppose it can best be described as a perfectly acceptable finale.

And then there's True Blood, easily one of my favorite shows of the past season. I think Heroes should take note of this HBO series, as it manages to make the "gimmick" interesting without solely relying on it to progress the story. Don't get me wrong, the show is most certainly about vampires living in society, but you still get the sense that this series could still exist relatively unscathed without this distinction. That was arguably the charm of the first season of Heroes, and it's something they've most definitely drifted from in the past two years.

Anyway, a while back my friend commented that he couldn't bring himself to care about the characters. I think he gave up on the show by the time that everybody was developed to the point that you did come to care about them. Through time, you came to realize that guys like Sam and Jason are flawed, but good at the core. Yes, Sam snapped at Sookie that one time, and people even considered the possibility that he was the killer. But by the end of the season, you came to understand that he's a really good guy that genuinely cares for this girl, even if the possibility of ending up with her is remote. And Jason is pretty much that dumbass friend everybody has. He makes one stupid mistake after another, and he's totally self destructive, but at the same time he truly cares about the people around him. And he would never really do anything to purposely harm somebody he cares for.

I also appreciated the whole side story of vampires having to deal with their own interpretation of laws and politics.

I'm still disappointed that I was spoiled regarding the identity of the killer, but even so, I really enjoyed the finale overall. I liked the way everything tied together (most notably with the flashback to Sam sniffing the dead girl's apartment). I will most definitely be watching again next season.

Oh, and congratulations to Anna Paquin for her Golden Globe nomination! There's something about that girl....

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