Monday, December 15, 2008

It's time to do or die!

Regular blog visitors and loyal PrimeTimePulse readers should know two things about me: I'm in love with Rachel Bilson, and it is my 2008 New Year's resolution to meet her, and hopefully take a photograph with her.

This summer she was actually in New York City -- just twenty minutes away from my home -- and I attempted, but ultimately failed, to meet her (attempt #1 attempt #2). We now only have a few weeks left of 2008, leaving me just a small window to meet her.

Don't fret, though, loyal Case Workers! This weekend, I will be in California for one of my college friend's weddings. Yeah, yeah, I know....the state is rather huge, so simply being there doesn't guarantee I'll see her. But, with a great deal of time to spare (I arrive Friday and the wedding isn't until Sunday), you better be sure I'll try.

That being said, I've never actually done this whole celebrity search thing. Any (respectful) pointers?

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