Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Case of the.... Lost - Episode 5-8 Revisited

As expected, there wasn’t much feedback from last week’s episode of Lost. That’s cool – it wasn’t really a theory-heavy episode. Of course, there is one thing on everybody’s mind: Which character will be revealed as the baby that was born on the island?

Over on my blog, Kyle has echoed this very sentiment:

I read an interview with the actress who played Amy responding to a question about whether the baby was "someone special" by saying that yes, the baby was someone special, but we don't find out who in the first episode.

Any thoughts on who it could be? My initial crazy theory was Jacob since we saw Horace with the cabin building plans, and Jacob has always struck me a little bit as someone or something that didn't quite grow up (the poltergiest stuff almost seemed like a temper tantrum). But someone pointed out that Alpert reacted to Jacob's name when dropped by Locke back in the 50s, so that's probably out.

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Jacob seems like a distinct possibility. While the math doesn’t add up, the whole time traveling aspect could clear that up. Consider two particularly interesting points: As alluded to by Kyle, Horace was the person who built Jacob’s cabin. Secondly, as far as we know, this baby is the only person to be conceived and born on the island. Sawyer theorizes that perhaps the incident that kills impregnated women hasn’t occurred yet, but that’s pure speculation. After all, there must be some reason why they perform the births on the mainland. So, this distinction alone certainly makes the child “special.”

Two other interesting possibilities: One is Ethan. Perhaps no other “Other” has so consistently appeared in character flashbacks. What’s his story? But if that’s the case, how does he become an Other? And why would Ben spare his life?

Second prospect is Desmond. As far as I can remember, we don’t really know anything about his parents. Along with that, Daniel has made it clear that Desmond is unique and that the rules don’t apply to him. And he seems strangely drawn to the island more than virtually any other character.

We have another week before there’s a new episode of Lost, so I have two homework assignments for you. Provided that enough people participate, I’ll do an ADDITIONAL Revisited column next week before the new episode. If not, well, I guess I’ll just report the results in the regular Lost column.

The first assignment: Who do you think the baby is? I’m not really looking for responses like “I THINK IT’S JACK HOW KEWLZ WOULD THAT BE?!?!!?” No, I want some thought out ideas. This baby just HAS to be somebody special. And they went to such lengths to avoid revealing his name. What we do know: It’s a boy and he was born in 1977. Like I mentioned before, the whole time traveling thing could offer us some leeway in the age department. We can safely assume he was conceived on the island, and we know he had a successful birth.

Other considerations: We’ve seen Ben’s birth and we’ve seen Locke’s birth, so it’s not either of them. They’ve also made it a point of revealing Daniel’s mother, and it’s not Amy, so it isn’t him either.

Sound off people. E-mail me or comment on the blog.

Speaking of the blog, I will also be posting TWO polls. Another talked about topic of discussion was the whole Sawyer/Juliet/Jack/Kate thing. Since the beginning of the series, everybody has been debating: Who will Kate end up with? When she returned to the island, she was giving Sawyer the gooey eyes. Yet she had just slept with Jack the night earlier. And for that matter, pretty much every time Kate and Sawyer had an island romp, it was immediately after she got jealous because Jack was paying attention to somebody else (honestly: Twisted woman).

One poll will ask: Who do you THINK Kate will end up with? From a story telling standpoint, who do you think the writers will ultimately decide upon. It doesn’t matter which relationship you like more, or which character is your favorite. I am merely wondering who you think she’ll end up with, if you were a betting person.

The next poll, as you can probably predict, asks who you WANT Kate to end up with. In a perfect world, who would you have her live happily ever after with. Which relationship do you think is stronger? Which do you prefer?

Visit my blog to vote. And please, only vote once (we want an honest perspective).

Like I said, if enough people send me their thoughts on the mystery baby and vote in the polls, I’ll write another Revisited column before the next new episode. So get to it people!

And, of course, enjoy the latest installment of Lost! Untangled:


Kyle Litke said...

Question 1: I just don't know (but good call on Desmond, that's a great idea and I didn't even think of him). I do feel like it'll be someone special, but who, I just don't know. Maybe it is Jacob with the time traveling stuff worked in...we still don't know what the heck is going on with Richard, he clearly has something going on since he doesn't appear to have aged in 50 years, and to be fair the only thing we know about Jacob pre the "present day" (of the whole series that is) is that Richard seemed to recognize the name in the 1950s while he didn't recognize Locke (i.e., he wasn't Richard returned from the present day). Maybe time travel is the culprit there.

#2, as far as Kate goes, I'm not sure who she'll end up with. From the beginning I always thought it had to be Jack, but then she pretty much did that. Even sleeping with him again, having seen them together off the island, it somehow feels like "been there, done that". That being said I actually liked the Sawyer/Juliet stuff. So I guess I'm reluctantly choosing Kate and Jack for who I want to end up together, more because I like Sawyer and Juliet than anything else. I guess after five seasons I'm kind of soured on the whole Kate love triangle thing. It worked before but right now I'm at a part of the show where I just don't care about that anymore after all this time, I want some more answers and maybe we can get back to the Kate thing after a little time away from it.

bob said...

The baby on the island could be any one and the idea of Daniels Mother isn't out, it wouldn't be the first time in Lost someone has changed their name. After all if the child is someone important then when / where is Amy with child during the purge?

Before i start ranting, just a quicky... I thought Dr. Chang ran Dharma on the island?

Also to pick up on your point of it being 1977, is it? Remember the returning group crashed on the island in 2008 / 2009 the second time around, without a white time jump, and their new co-castaways, which all them seem to have forgotten would appear to be in another time as well. Maybe this is some sort of Dr. Manhattan thing (all time co-existing at the same point, dpeending on your perspective). The baby being Desmond would be interesting, but if as has been said before Widmore sent Desmond to the island to get him away from Penny, was this just coincedence? (although I don't think the true relationship between Widmore and Dharma has been revealed yet, I don't think he is simply an other who has been exiled, and also the time frame of being exiled to the real world by Ben, making a fortune and marrying having penny doesn't fit, especially with some of his comments to Locke about the time differences.)

Richard actually becomes more interesting when you think about some of theings said by him. He appears to be the leader of the Others yet says they select their leaders at an early age - so has he ever truly been their leader or simply a loyal acolyte of Jacob?

Anyway now I've ranted - the baby... not a clue to be honest, a twist on it being Daniel or Desmond would be too obvious,or rather too straight forward for this show. We've seen another new baby this series as well, Chang's baby, so it could be a case of who are these. SO far everyone at some point has something extra to draw them to the island.

Enough random thoughts...

Kyle Litke said...

Actually Hurley, Jack, and Kate (at least) all disappeared suddenly from the plane, so it's likely they did get caught in some kind of time jump. But who knows.