Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My apologies, a favor, and a tribute

Sorry for the delay on my Heroes and 24 columns. It's been an INCREDIBLY crazy week so far, and plus I'm putting together a video compilation for my dad's 60th birthday, so that's eating up basically all of my free time. So, unfortunately, there likely won't be a Lost: Revisited column this week either. But since feedback was pretty light anyway, it's not a huge loss. Expect my Monday reviews either late tonight or tomorrow.

Anyway, my friend is participating in a fundraising effort to benefit two charities that provide their help and services to underprivileged groups in India and Nepal. As part of the effort, 64 teams will go on a two week rally through the heart of India right on to Pokhara, Nepal, on a two-stroke, single cylinder, air cooled rickshaw. Here's the link:

It's a worthy cause, why not help them out.

He also had to unfortunately put his dog down yesterday (some people will do anything for sympathy votes), so lets commemorate the life of Jiro, who we all lovingly referred to as the unhappiest dog in existence. We love ya' buddy!

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