Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Case of the.... Smallville - Episode 9-5

While it’s no longer the hot topic sparking debate within my columns, I did want to briefly revisit the point I made a few weeks ago, about how I believe the natural conclusion to Chloe’s current story arc is for her to leave Smallville (the show and the town). Incidentally, my feelings on the matter have tweaked somewhat following this past episode, but an excellent comparison sprung to mind that I think may assist me in more eloquently making this point. Take Prison Break, for instance. C-Note’s character was written out of the series (essentially) relatively early on. His character received a pardon and he was able to live happily ever after with his wife and daughter, no longer forced to live a life on the run without his family. His character had pretty much reached a point where he either received that happy ending, or was needlessly forced to stay on the show because he was popular, even though it deprived the character of his happiness. On the other side of the coin, consider T-Bag. Here’s a guy who was kept on the series throughout its entire run, no matter how much it defied logic, and constantly avoided his comeuppance. His consistent presence – and the fact that he was continually forced to team with the protagonists – really made it difficult to root for our heroes at times. Sure, Lincoln was framed and Michael was merely trying to save his brother, but their antics resulted in a convicted killer and rapist attaining his freedom. And over the course of the series, their actions only ensured that T-Bag remain a free man. Sure, T-Bag was a fun character, but in my opinion the fact that he remained on the show for so long tarnished the intent of the central story.

Of course, this isn’t a perfect example. It’s just to show what can happen when you don’t take advantage of a natural exit because the character is still popular.

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