Friday, August 31, 2012

A Case of Beer - Beer Roulette - [a case of the summer]

Based more on the dangerous Russian Roulette than the casino game, this one is an old party favorite.  Best of all, it's simple too!  Here's how it works.

In addition to the amount of players you have (let's just say six), you'll also need an impartial participant.  This impartial participant will place six beers cans on a table.  One of those six beers will be severely shaken, so that it'll explode when it's opened.  The six participants will then enter the room, walk up to the table, and grab the beer in front of them.  All six players will hold the beer up to their nose, and at the same time they'll pull the tab.  The can that was shaken will then explode in the "loser's" face, hopefully up their nose.

It's senseless but fun.  And the nervous feeling everybody gets as they hold the beer right up to their face and prepare to open it is great.

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