Monday, October 29, 2012

A Case of the.... The Vampire Diaries - Episode 4-3

“How’d you get stuck with Hunter duty?”

“Stefan has a Physics test.”

Another week with the “Mystic Falls” introduction.  Except with each week, it looks like they’re adding new scenes/information as the season’s storyline progresses.  I actually quite like that idea.  Like I said last week, this IS a more clever way of giving your viewers a quick rundown of what’s happening thus far than just a typical “Previously On” clip.

Oh, and BIG NEWS!  My cable provider now once again carries the CW!  That means that this will HOPEFULLY be the last time you guys have to wait nearly a week for me to post these recaps.  I’ll do my best to get these up in a reasonable amount of time going forward.

So the beginning of this episode seemed to tease the possibility of a day in the life of a normal teenager with Elena and company going to school and taking class (in fact, up until that classroom scene, I had completely forgotten that our textbooks were hand numbered….weird recovered memory), but that quickly changed to a mid-day keg rager and a motorcycle ride (nice probably unintentional Teen Wolf allusion) to a sex cabin.  So, yeah, not so normal.  So far, vampire Elena is no less damselly than human Elena.  She’s three for three in life threatening situations.

Conner, the vampire hunter, took a slight descent in awesomeness this week.  Last week he was this clever ass kicking machine.  This week, he seemingly hasn’t pieced together that Elena is a vampire and he’s getting outsmarted by Jeremy.  I was actually really surprised by that.  I mean, he KNOWS that Damon is a vampire and that Tyler is a hybrid.  He’s also well aware of the fact that, at the very least, Damon and Elena are friends.  And that Elena and Matt are friends.  And that Matt has been sucked by a vampire.  And despite all of this, he can’t at least assume that Jeremy’s allegiances might be with this vampire crew, and not some random hunter that he doesn’t even know?  Based on Conner’s tone and actions, it didn’t seem like he was playing Jeremy – he legitimately seemed to follow his lead.  That isn’t to say he was devoid of bad assery this week.  There were the arrows that were connected to the explosives, of course.

I am enjoying this reluctant alliance with Klaus, however.  In the past it seemed a bit contrived, like they kept having to come up with these reasons why they would be teaming together.  I don’t know what makes this particular instance different, but there just seems to be an added layer of awareness to it.  Like, the characters realize how ludicrous it is that they’re teaming together, but they’re doing it anyway.  Like, having Klaus provide bodyguards for Tyler in order to preserve his army of hybrids.  And Stefan calling Klaus in order to get him to save Elena.  If Klaus isn’t going to be the primary villain (and I hope he’s not, since we’ve had, like, two seasons of that) then they might as well make him into a reluctant ally.  Hell, he might even develop into a huge fan favorite, like Spike on Buffy.

And am I missing something, or was Rebekah’s poisoning and cure just sorta swept under the rug.  One second she was hallucinating (while Elena, who admittedly drank more, was at death’s door), and the next second she’s waking up from bed making small talk with April.  Did I miss a crucial scene where Klaus swooped in and saved her?  I’m not saying she should have been dead by that point – we don’t know how much beer she drank – but surely she was in no position to be making future plans, like crime scene investigations.

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