Monday, October 29, 2012

LIVE Raw thoughts - October 29, 2012

11:07 - I was a bit off with my Team Foley prediction, but for good reason.  I was right about Ryback and Kofi.  I considered Team Hell No, but the reason I didn't pick them was because I didn't expect them to put Daniel Bryan in such an explicitly babyface role.  And I didn't pick Orton for the same reason I didn't pick ADR.  I didn't think they'd include him in a story that so clearly didn't focus on him.  Truth be told, it's a REALLY stacked main event.  Love it.

11:00 - LOVE that Punk turned and said something to ADR (I think it was "no offense") when he remarked that Survivor Series would be his one year anniversary as WWE Champion.

10:59 - I'm somewhat surprised by ADR, only because I didn't think they'd use him in a position where he's not captain.

10:58 - Love that Punk sold his injuries when Miz shook his hand.  By the way, so far I'm right about Punk's team.  Only one spot left, I guessed Ziggler.

10:56 - That is a pretty sweet looking hoodie.

10:46 - I honestly really don't know what it is, but I just find Alberto Del Rio unbearably boring.  I think I still harbor resentment towards him for getting interjecting in the awesome John Cena/CM Punk feud during the Summer of Punk.

10:38 - One thing I ALWAYS defend WWE for is the charitable and community contributions they make.  To me, it's the ultimate cynical thing to do to criticize them for patting themselves on the back for all of the things they do.  Frankly, they have every right to pat themselves on the back.  There are a lot of things WWE can do to get positive recognition, they certainly don't have to go to the lengths they have gone to this past month.  Honestly, if they reached out to a handful of women that otherwise wouldn't have been motivated to get themselves checked, then this has all been worthwhile.  The donation of $1 million is nothing to sneeze at, either.  Overall, this was a wonderfully done segment.  And I'd hate to tell you, but this segment also exemplified why John Cena is the face of the company.  Few individuals on the roster could have carried themselves the way he did.  Great job to all involved.

10:25 - A fun and entertaining match.  I'm actually a bit surprised that Rhodes Scholars won again.

10:10 - LOVE Rey's Mexican skull attire.  Looks awesome.  And hey, so much for all those stories that from now on, Mysterio/Sin Cara will be wearing the dual sided masks.

10:03 - Didn't love that segment, but I do have to admit that I loved the "Look at me you red headed ginger snap!" line, as well as the "have you ever seen a ginger snap?" retort.  Went out on a high note.

9:57 - Just rename this guy Sheamus Cena.

9:47 - Somewhat strange booking, considering that the rumor is that this is Beth's last Raw.  Why not give AJ a more decisive victory the first time around?  Instead of a fluky roll up, have her hit her flying knee.  Right now it just seems like AJ got a lucky victory, and then suffered a dirty loss.

And if AJ got fired for accusations of possibly favoring a talent, why wouldn't Vickie get in just as much trouble for blatantly treating another talent unfairly?

9:42 - While it's great to see Lawler healthy enough to return to work, I'm going to miss the improved announce teams we've seen in his absence.

9:37 - I feel like 3MB has been defeating CoBro every week since they became a team.

9:34 - If there was ever a time for Zack Ryder to wear his Ghostbusters trunks, it's the episode of Raw that falls right before Halloween.

9:26 - Why is this job interview even happening?  AJ was a Smackdown Diva before her General Manager stint.  Wouldn't logic dictate that she would return to that brand?  And even if she didn't automatically go back to that roster, why go through the humiliation and trouble of working for Vickie when she can just work for Booker?  That's why these "suffering for your job" storylines are flawed when they have two GM's.

9:09 - Why give away another potentially big Champion vs. Champion match without ANY promotion whatsoever?  I'm not saying that Kofi vs. Cesaro will catapult them to 4.0's in the ratings, but it's a waste to give that match away (the first time they've fought, I believe) with NO promotion.  I mean, they literally got the "Up Next" treatment.  What harm can come from giving people a week's notice?

9:06 - Cena's story doesn't seem to add up.  They're wearing the same clothing as the dinner (which happened before AJ was fired), and now he's saying that their conversation happened AFTER she got fired. I don't think Cena's lying, I just think it's crappy writing.

9:04 - I typically defend John Cena, but having him wear his t-shirt at what appears to be a really nice restaurant doesn't exactly endear him to the audience.

8:58 - My guess for Team Foley vs. Team Punk.  Team Foley will be Foley, Ryback, Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, and Kofi Kingston.  Team Punk will be Punk, Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, and Damien Sandow.

8:47 - Are the Prime Time Players the first heels to wear pink since the beginning of the month?  Speaking of which, is this the last Raw where they'll be using the pink rope?  Or that Cena will wear his Rise Above Cancer shirt?

And will Daniel Bryan please get a haircut?

8:40 - Is it me, or is AJ looking pretty buff lately?

8:30 - It's not that they've necessarily even done anything wrong with Wade Barrett since his return, but it overall just seems like a disappointment.  WWE seems to run into this trap with their midcard talents -- they either put them in a series of squash matches where nobody is impressed with the victories (oh wow, you beat Yoshi Tatsu?!?!?!) or they're having them come up short against main eventers.  Instead of spontaneously transforming Brodus Clay into a jobber, why not put him in an extended feud with Wade Barrett?  Clay was over enough and had earned enough victories that a loss to Barrett would have put an impressive notch in his belt.  Instead, Barrett has just floundered aimlessly.  He's won much more than he's lost, and he always looks impressive, but without a major storyline he just comes across as an afterthought.

8:27 - Even Randy Orton's walk is boring.

8:25 - Just wanted to let you know that I still have power.

8:15 - One of the better opening segments we've seen the past several weeks.  It really is disappointing to see the ratings take such a hit, because of the past month or so the show really has centered around CM Punk (and I'm grateful that the company, shockingly, hasn't seemed to blame him for the nosedive).  And it sounds like he's finally getting over as a full fledged heel, no matter how weak the storyline was.  I absolutely love the fact that they're doing a high profile classic Survivor Series match (although I hope we see several), and Punk's facial expression when Ryback came down was priceless.  Eager to see which Superstars are picked for each team.  Oh, and this pretty much guarantees Punk makes it a full year with the title!

8:10 - It's kinda sad how CM Punk's "selling intense pain" walk is the same as Mick Foley's ACTUAL walk.

8:01 - Alright friends, I'm in the middle of this intense hurricane right now.  So I'll be providing my LIVE Raw thoughts until I lose power or my cable and/or Internet.  Hopefully I make it the entire night.

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