Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Turnbuckle Tees: Respect

On Monday, October 8, the Twitter account for Turnbuckle Tees offered a challenge:  Post a tweet encouraging people to follow them, and the funniest/most clever will win a free t-shirt.  I thought carefully and came up with this:

Trying to slam your opponent's head into the turnbuckle but he blocks it with his foot = turnbuckle tease Awesome t-shirts =

Hilarious, eh?

Well, about 45 minuets later @TurnbuckleTees retweeted my post, and a few seconds after that I received a DM telling me that I had won!  Truth be told, I visit their website on a weekly basis, and I had been considering buying a t-shirt for quite some time.  This was the perfect opportunity to dip my toe in the water and see what the actual product is like, completely free of charge!

Now the tough part, which was deciding which t-shirt to buy.  Much like when I bought my #FACE t-shirt from Barbershop Window, I wanted something that was broad enough that it still looked cool to people who don't watch wrestling, but is a sly wink to fellow fans.  I really liked the CM Punk Cubs inspired t-shirt, but since I'm not from Chicago and don't know much about baseball, I worried that I might get myself stuck in a sports conversation that would quickly have me in over my head.  I also really liked the various cartoon and egg style shirts, but none of them really called out to me.

It ultimately came between the So Damn Sick t-shirt, the I Am The Tag Team Champions t-shirt, and the one I ultimately picked, the Respect t-shirt.  So why did I go with the Respect one?  Well, the first two were a little TOO sly, and I thought I'd have too people asking me what they meant.  I mean, who doesn't understand respect?

Along with that, I've really enjoyed CM Punk this year and wanted to do something to show some support for him.  And while this whole "Respect" storyline has been a bit forced, the shirt is pretty damn cool.  It's a black (Gildan Ultra Cotton) t-shirt with "RESPECT" (almost in the WWF Attitude font style) written messily in white across the front.  Beneath that are the four red Chicago flag stars, with the straight edge X's in front of that.  I quite like the shirt, and will certainly buy another should I like the design and style.

I cannot attest to their typical shipping methods (since, as a contest winner, this was done over e-mail and not through their website), but I was really pleased with the delivery experience.  This all went down late October 8th, and I received the shirt October 15th.  And they even sent me an unprompted status update over the weekend to let me know when I should expect the item to arrive.

Definitely visit their site (link below), but truthfully, as an attire mark, I'm perhaps more interested in communicating with their In-Ring Designs account.  I'm anxiously awaiting the debut of Zack Ryder's Ghostbusters attire.  Bad.  Ass.

Turnbuckle Tees Website:  http://www.turnbuckletees.com/
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/TurnbuckleTees
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/TurnbuckleTees

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