Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Birthday Weekend!

Well my birthday was nearly a week ago and I've been meaning to talk about what I did over the weekend, but this is really the first opportunity I've had to write about it.  So let's get to it.

The morning started off touching enough.  When I finally got home from work (after a dreadful commute, thank you Route 287), I was surprised with several cards and snacks from some of my very generous friends from work.  That most certainly put a smile on my face.  Then they took me out for lunch, too (and treated me)!  Work alone made the day feel special enough.  However, the real treat (is that the right word?) happened at the end of the day when I received a phone call at my desk.  It was a coworker from the other side of the building, telling me that I have to see something at his neighbor's desk.  I walk over and see three of my friends suspiciously standing outside his desk.  As I passed by, I saw a Smirnoff Ice standing on the desk.  I turn to them and ask, "Am I being Iced?"  And, indeed, I got Iced.  So there, right in the office (shhh), I got down on one knee and chugged myself a Smirnoff Ice.  Quite an experience.  But really, don't tell anybody.

Perhaps the most exciting portion of the birthday weekend came the following day, however.  Saturday was our firm's 2nd Annual Inter-Office Softball Tournament.  If you recall, last year my office won....and we intended on retaining the championship this year.  By the way, I had the responsibility of bringing the trophy over to the game, so I had it Friday night (my birthday).  I think it goes without saying that I filled it up with beer and drank out of it.  I just had to.

Anyway, back to the tournament.  To call it thrilling would be an understatement.  We got a first round bye, and had to face one of the teams we decimated last year in the second round.  Well, they must have REALLY upped their game, because they fought us tooth in nail.  In fact, we had to go into extra innings!  And the stressful manner in which this was done was to have somebody automatically at second base, and the first team to score wins (home team, of course, has an opportunity to tie).  Amazingly, we ended up getting the win!  In the next round, we once again went to extra innings and once again took home the victory!  We made it to the tournament finals!

Things were running a little late, however, and the team meeting us in the finals (the same team that gave us a real run for our money in the first round) asked us if we wanted to make this game "winner takes all."  We most certainly turned that down, as it was a double elimination tournament and we had nothing to gain from that deal.  However, I'm thrilled to say that it was a moot point, as we won by just one run, which was earned in the final inning of the game.  It was a truly exhilarating game, and a really great time overall.  Last year most of our games ended via mercy rule.....I gotta say, sometimes that's more fun.  I was stressed the hell out that entire tournament.  But we won, so I can look back at the day lovingly.

Sunday was another active day, as I participated (for the 17th year, believe it or not) in the Volunteer Center Bike Tour.  It was only 10 miles, but there are lots of hills.  Oh, and I had just played 3 games of softball the day before!  Suffice it to say, I was exhausted by the end of the day.  But I did get a photo with that TD Bank mascot (what is he, exactly?  An ATM?), which will be posted in the appropriate Photobucket album.

Overall, a great weekend spent with some really special people.  Thanks to all that contributed to the great time.

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