Friday, November 23, 2012

REPOST: Top Ten Cases: Superstars to keep your eyes on (2009)

While checking out some old editions of Top Ten Cases, I came across this list from September 2009, where I ranked the top ten Superstars that you should keep your eyes on.  The link to the entire list is below, but here are some interesting excerpts:

Of Zack Ryder, who I ranked as #10:
"This one is probably a huge stretch, but it seems like the powers that be have legitimately been behind this guy since his move to ECW. While his former partner languishes on SmackDown, Ryder has been featured prominently each and every week. He has a unique look, a catch phrase, and a few solid victories (and his big losses are to Christian and Shelton Benjamin, hardly pushovers). And much like the Miz, WWE was wise enough to steer him away from cartoonishness upon his re-introduction. By week two, he was ensuring everybody that he wasn't a joke."

Of Ted Dibiase, who I ranked as #8:
"Then again, out of all the members of Legacy, he seems to have the greatest upside. He's got a good look, he's comfortable on the mic, and his ring performance is sound. I keep reading reports that the long term plan is to turn him face, so it sounds like WWE has some plans for him. And this may seem like a contradiction based on what I said most of this passage, but I actually CAN imagine DiBiase headlining WrestleMania."

Another interesting thing to note:  Of the 10 people on my list, four got released before reaching the level of WWE or World Heavyweight Champion (including my #1 and #2 picks), while only 3 have achieved the honor of being a World Champion, now over 3 years later (my #3, #4, and #5 picks).

Anyway, here's the full list:

What are your thoughts on this trip down memory lane?

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