Friday, November 16, 2012

Barber Shop Window: Ghost Jobber & Pink #HEEL

So a while back I told myself that the next time Barber Shop Window offers a special deal that involves getting a free t-shirt, I'd take the offer and buy something.  And at the beginning of October, that opportunity presented itself when they offered a free pink #HEEL t-shirt for any t-shirt purchased.  Since I was in the midst of my 31 Days in Pink challenge, this seemed to be a calling.  So, I had to decide which t-shirt to buy. My criteria was the same as last time:  I wanted to buy something that would look cool/normal to non-fans, but would be a fun wink to fans.  Ultimately, I decided to go with the Ghost Jobber t-shirt, which features the red Pac-Man ghost with "JOBBER" (in pixelated lettering) written underneath.

The actual shirts are exactly how they presented them on their website (read my prior review for details on the quality of the t-shirt and printing), and while I'll likely wear the Ghost Jobber shirt more, the pink #HEEL shirt was the one that really impressed me.  I somewhat expected the shirt to be a darker, sorta dull pink.  Instead, it was really bright -- and I mean that as a compliment.  I also thought that the "#HEEL" would be in black.  Instead, it's in a light gray....which looks really great against the pink.  Both shirts really look great.

Now, again, my only real complaint was the fact that the t-shirt took so long to arrive.  Once again, the website is completely upfront about the fact that they're a small operation and that it takes a while for them to deliver your item.  I completely understand that, hence why I don't really want to refer to this as a "complaint."  I ordered my shirt on October 8th.  On October 18th, I received an e-mail telling me that my order has been processed and that it should be sent out within the next 5 business days.  However, I didn't receive my t-shirt until November 10th, with the excuse being that Hurricane Sandy halted production.  There is no doubt in my mind that the hurricane created huge delays, however the storm devastation wasn't really until October 29th.  Granted, that's close to the end of that 5 day window, but it is still outside of it.  Sandy really shouldn't have impacted the delivery of my shirts, considering I made my order a full three weeks before the storm hit.

But, again, that's a minor complaint.  And I still got a free t-shirt out of the deal!

Frankly, these guys put out awesome designs and the t-shirts and printing are of a really good quality.  I absolutely recommend them to anybody who's interested.

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