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LIVE Raw thoughts - April 8, 2013

11:07 - Quite an interesting way to book Cena.  Very, very odd that they had him win via count out.  It really made him look like he took the easy way out (which only accentuated his earlier heelish behavior -- although, again, I do not believe they were intending to turn him heel).  Ryback's, I assume, heel turn after making the save was a rather energetic way to end the show.  But, again, it was strange.  Why have him lose to Mark Henry, after he lost for months against the Shield and Punk, and just before he'll certainly lose to Cena?  If they didn't want Henry to lose (and why not, if it appears that Ryback will be the new challenger), why not do a double count out or disqualification?

Nonetheless, one of the most energetic and freshest feeling Raw in what feels like over a year.  Great show!

10:43 - As many predicted, here is that 8 man tag match that was supposed to happen last night.  Truth be told, they'll probably get a better reaction and more time doing it tonight.  Yes, it won't be as prestigious or lucrative, but it'll be more fun.

10:37 - No doubt, this is a special crowd, but I think it also helps that we're seeing semi-fresh matches and storylines and nobody the fans have an emotional attachment to is being used as fodder for somebody they don't care about.  WWE seems to be embracing their fans tonight.  For the past couple of years, they've almost been spiteful of us.

10:31 - I am not being the least bit sarcastic with this comment, but I cannot think of anything more impressive than an entire audience of thousands of people simultaneously humming a tune without any instruction whatsoever.

10:26 - There are a lot of people on Twitter -- highly intelligent, knowledgeable people -- who think this crowd and their random chants and actions are something that should be ignored or discouraged, because it implies disinterest.  While it may very well be a sign that they're not invested or interested in what's happening in the ring, I honestly believe WWE would DIE for that sort of disinterest. The crowd is loud and vocal and they're reacting.  And not for nothing, but they've added a whole lot to the show for those of us watching at home.  And if nothing else, people are TALKING about the product right now.  And considering it's been a damn good show, it's not a bad thing if people were to decide to turn on the TV right now to see what all the hub bub is about.

10:23 - You know, it just occurred to me that it was the crowd at the Raw after WrestleMania that truly got over and started the "YES!" phenomenon.  The first audience after WrestleMania suddenly has the responsibility of deciding what the new hot thing will be.

10:16 - By the way, while looking at photos from WrestleMania, I noticed that Ziggler was wearing one of the ZR/DZ yin-yang on his vest last night.  Pretty awesome.

10:11 - Best comment on Twitter I've seen so far is that WrestleMania should be a bonus feature on the April 8, 2013 Raw DVD.  This is unreal.

10:05 - I loved Michael Cole's utter disbelief when he said "Are they chanting for YOU?"

This is a great crowd.  The one big downside with the open stadiums is that the acoustics aren't great.  I'm curious how the reactions last night translated on television.

10:01 - If this show is what happens when the Rock gets "injured," may he become Mr. Glass.

9:58 - What was the point of doing the Twitter vote and also revealing the results -- essentially making Sheamus look bad -- if the more logical solution (the one they ended up doing) was a possibility?

9:55 - Nothing resolves a deeply bitter personal rivalry like a Twitter vote!

Truth be told, I could get into an Orton/Sheamus/Big Show feud.  Kinda reminds me of Shamrock/Mankind/Rock -- a feud which made all three Superstars -- who fought while also feuding together against Undertaker and Kane.

9:33 - Pretty awesome moment for Daniel Bryan, standing in the ring alongside Undertaker and Kane.  Considering how rarely Undertaker appears these days, it's quite an honor to be put in a segment with him (provided it's not just to get chokeslammed by him).  I could totally get into Shield vs. Undertaker/Team Hell No at Extreme Rules.

So far, this Raw has had more shocks and more interesting storylines than WrestleMania.

9:18 - I can attest to the fact that the crowd last night was DYING for Ziggler to cash in.  This was a great moment.  The announcers oversold it at first, but then began doubting Ziggler's chances.  Like other cash ins in the past, the new champion and the challenger both looked good.  Now, WWE, pull the actual trigger on Ziggler.  Don't make him a loser.

9:13 - The announcers' refusal to acknowledge the "We Want Ziggler" chants is either annoying, or an indication that he's going to cash in.  Twice they've ignored it and tried to pretend it was something else.

9:02 - Alright, what do you think?  Does Ziggler cash in?

8:46 - Wow, surprising finish.  I understand why they had Miz win last night -- get the crowd pumped up with a big babyface title win.  But they couldn't have waited another month and done the rematch at Extreme Rules?  Why switch the title back right away?

8:33 - I feel like I'm in a time machine any time I hear WWE hype something on AOL.

8:25 - Further frustration -- they just made Langston look tougher than they have made Ziggler look in all of 2013.

8:21 - Annoyed that they're feeding Bryan -- and not Kane -- to Langston.  Wouldn't a victory over Kane make Langston look more dominant anyway?

8:17 - That was actually a really fun opener.  Cena's borderline hostility and mocking towards the crowd was a different side of him that we're not often privy to.  Like I said earlier, he was practically being a heel.  Mark Henry vs. John Cena is also a relatively fresh match.  Personally, I hope they give Cena the win here.  Yes, he needs a new challenger, but he also needs a successful defense to really accentuate the point that he's the champ.

Also, a 2-on-1 handicap match for Alberto Del Rio?  Prime opportunity for a Ziggler cash in...

8:12 - Oddly enough, the guy sitting behind me at last night's show tried unsuccessfully to get a "Sexual Chocolate" chant going.

8:08 - "How about a little heel turn?"

8:05 - I said this on Twitter earlier this evening but I LOVE how the side plates on the WWE Championship (now on Twitter, by the way) change depending on the champion.  It was a Brahma bull for Rock, and now it's the Hustle, Loyalty, Respect and You Can't See Me logos for Cena.  Also, I like that Cena wears the championship around his waist and that he wore a specialty t-shirt.  And I'm not reading into it -- I don't think he's turning -- but this is a borderline heelish promo Cena is giving.

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