Sunday, April 7, 2013

Today is the day!

The day has finally arrived -- it's WrestleMania!  Like I said in my True or False earlier this weekend, I'm looking more forward to the experience and spectacle of WrestleMania than any match in particular (which is a bad sign), but I AM looking forward to it.  So that's a plus.

My buddies are going to be picking me up in about 20 minutes, at which point we'll head to the arena and begin tailgating.  So, like yesterday, I encourage you to follow me on Twitter for immediate photos/observations:  @acaseofthetwit

Also, here are my final WrestleMania predictions:

Cena over Rock
Undertaker over Punk (Punk wears WrestleMania colors)
Triple H over Lesnar
Del Rio over Swagger, Ziggler successfully cashes in
Team Hell No over Ziggler/Langston (likely the show opener)
Fandango over Jericho (cheats to win)
Ryback over Mark Henry
Team Rhodes Scholars over Tons of Funk (likely gets moved to the preshow)
Miz over Barrett
If Kaitlyn vs. AJ wins, I'm going with AJ

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