Monday, October 7, 2013

LIVE Raw thoughts - October 7, 2013

11:02 - You know, I would complain that Big Show -- and not Daniel Bryan -- got the big physical attack on Triple H.....but honestly, I'm just thrilled we didn't see the SAME EXACT STORY with Big Show turning heel to save his job after being fired that we saw last year.  My one qualm, though:  Should Bryan be at least a little upset with the Big Show for costing him the title last night?

10:56 - Which person gets the hot tag is another indicator of who the powers that be see as the big star.

10:45 - To the skeptics who think that this storyline has made Cody Rhodes and not Daniel Bryan, please consider the order in which the competitors came out tonight.  The person who comes out last is still very significant (as is the person who comes first, in multi-person matches).  Bryan is still the leader of this pack.

10:32 - I somewhat suspect that we see a Miz heel turn tonight.  Or at least the beginning of one.

10:29 - (a) I am already tired of Santino's routine, (b) why are they not doing more with Cesaro?

10:17 - Ha, got a kick out of the Hulk Hogan/Wrecking Ball reference.

10:04 - I can't say I expected that.  And I can't say that most people will be happy about it.  Personally, I'm pleased with anything that will bring some attention and prestige to the World Heavyweight Championship, which has been a massive afterthought for over two years now.  And hey, Cena in the World Heavyweight Championship scene means he's NOT in the WWE Championship scene.  And that's a plus for Daniel Bryan.

10:01 - A little birdie told me that the next challenger for Alberto Del Rio's World Heavyweight Championship will be VERY surprising.  Who are you expecting?

9:51 - Yeah, so I think we know who's going to win this vote...

9:41 - Speaking of Kofi, I'm trying to figure out the inspiration to his tights.  Does anybody know?

9:39 - Really, REALLY wish they would do something with Kofi Kingston too.

9:28 - Well that made me LOL.  We're about to see Orton vs. Kofi, and they just cut to a clip of Orton, standing in the ring, calling another wrestler's actions "stupid."

9:24 - Bob Backlund?  Well that's a waste of a vote.  I think the third option may be Flair, if he's on good terms with WWE right now.

9:03 - Lots of "bitch," "balls," and "ass" references tonight.

9:01 - I really just want Punk to grow the full beard in.  Why does he insist upon keeping the part of his facial hair that comes in patchy?

8:57 - So what are the other two possibilities for the ref matches?  Dusty Rhodes?  Ricky Steamboat?  Edge?  Bret Hart?  Jerry Lawler?

8:43 - How is Booker T a "great choice"?  The guy urged Big Show to do what Triple H told him -- no matter how immoral it may be -- in order to secure his job.

8:40 - Wait, did JoJo not even get in the ring?

8:37 - I could see myself having a crush on JoJo.  I'd actually like to see her and AJ up against each other.

8:29 - Speaking of guys that I may have been wrong about -- Dolph Ziggler.  This guy absolutely deserves to be in the World Title picture.  Personally speaking, Alberto Del Rio bores me to tears, and Dolph was an exciting new character in the main event scene.  Get him back in there!

And what, is Stephanie going to emasculate somebody in every segment?

8:10 - Fine enough opener, if only because it advances the Big Show story beyond the point that he's a whimpering baby.  And it solidifies the story that the McMahons ARE actively out to get Daniel Bryan.

Speaking of Daniel Bryan, I think we're all in agreement that he MUST win the WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell.  And he needs to hold onto it.  WWE has dropped the ball on several pushes in recent years, and sometimes I'm right about things ultimately being okay for the individual (like with CM Punk) and sometimes I'm wrong about things ultimately being okay for the individual (like with Zack Ryder).  I had always assumed/imagined that this storyline was to make Daniel Bryan a star. Now people are talking and acting like the end result is Randy Orton with the WWE Championship and moving onto CM Punk.  Yes, Bryan would still be a star....but he wouldn't be THE star.  And they have the chance to make Bryan THE star.  I really hope that when this story ends, Bryan is the one with the gold.  That's how it NEEDS to end.  Otherwise, I've been pretty okay with how he's been handled.

8:02 - At the rate that she's selling WWE stock, how much longer will Stephanie McMahon be a principle owner of WWE?

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