Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Case of This Blog

As you might have noticed, my blog activity has been rather lackluster lately.  And that's a bad thing, since this is typically my "active" season.  Do not fret, I'm not shutting down the blog -- I love this thing!  And I'm quite pleased with the amount of visitors that come check out my posts.  But I am going to take a little break from my television reviews.  That means that I won't formally be doing my Vampire Diaries recaps this season, although I may occasionally write about the show when I feel motivated.

And that's really the reason why I'm taking the break from the recaps.  They started to feel like an obligation instead of an outlet.  And since I was just doing those reviews for fun, it seemed a bit backwards to continue doing them under those conditions.  And so I'll continue updating the blog -- because that continues to be fun.

So what can you expect?  My frequent LIVE Raw thoughts.  And a Breaking Bad piece I've been imagining since the finale.  So keep checking, some great stuff is coming!

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