Sunday, October 6, 2013

Summer of Excitement: Inter-Office Softball Tournament - [a case of the summer]

Yeah, yeah, I know.  Summer has been officially over for a couple of weeks (and symbolically over for even longer), but I'm FINALLY getting around to editing and posting this final Summer of Excitement video!  The unhappy ending (SPOILER ALERT!) made it a bit more difficult to get motivated.  So, enjoy!

Oh, but the REAL fun happened after the softball tournament.  I went to Rutgers to meet up with some friends who had gone to the blackout game.  We had a great time hanging out at our old stomping bar ground (the group of friends that made it are now spread out across three states, so it's nice to finally get together).  We crashed at a hotel and then the following morning we went to the campus we had spent our first couple of years at.  Our campus had always been the red headed step child of the the Rutgers family, and now it's BEAUTIFUL!  They have a Starbucks!  A movie theater!  A Qdoba!  A beautiful dining hall!  With an ice cream bar!!!  Where the hell was this place when we were in college?!?!?

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