Monday, February 24, 2014

LIVE thoughts on a show with potential produced by a moronic company - February 24, 2014

11:10 - "Hey, Undertaker and Brock are fighting at WrestleMania!"  "Really, why?"  "Because!"

11:04 - I'd hate to say this, but this is definitely the least thrilling Undertaker return we've seen over the past couple of years.

10:54 - Oh, I did want to mention that I loved the booking of that match.  Particularly Rollins' rescue and the delayed arrival of Dean Ambrose.  Like I've said before, I love the subtle complexities of their relationships.  I'm enjoying Rollins a lot more than I expected to, so I hope everybody is wrong about him getting lost in the shuffle after the breakup.

10:52 - To be clear, did we just do the same "potentially jealous tag team partner costs his partner a victory by interfering" ending for two matches tonight?

10:28 - LOVE that the Usos won the tag team titles (well deserved) but what a mess that looked like.  First, I THINK they forgot to show them ringing the bell (a major plot point), and then the suicide dive completely missed Billy Gunn.

Wait, that wasn't even for the tag team title??!?!?

10:19 - As I'm discussing on Twitter....does ANYBODY really want to see Triple H wrestle a match at WrestleMania?  Like, does it REALLY need to happen?  All of the top and future guys can be paired up without him being part of the card.  And then there are so many promising guys -- like Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston -- who will likely be left off of the card completely.  And other guys are currently without any defined direction.

10:07 - Looks like they're building towards the Daniel Bryan/Triple H match afterall.  Which I think is a mistake.  That is NOT the money match.  I daresay people want to see Daniel Bryan win the WWE Championship, not beat Triple H.  And then there's that whole thing about nobody wanting to see Batista vs. Orton.

9:59 - By the way, I've had the WWE Network playing on my other laptop (it's a lot newer, but it's not fully furnished yet, so I don't use it that often) and it's been running extremely smoothly.  No lag time or anything.

9:49 - There's something unnatural about Kane coming out with his usual theme music and the fiery imagery given his drastic gimmick change.

9:31 - Honest question, because I'm biased, but is there ANYBODY who finds Sheamus more entertaining than Christian?

9:28 - Odd observation.  The new Authority t-shirt (CLICK HERE TO VIEW IT) has a symbol that looks jarringly close to Daniel Bryan's American Dragon logo.

9:19 - Is it me or is the commentary particular awful tonight?  Talking about what the "E" in "Big E" stands for and talking about the color of Christian's complexion.  Are they burnt or something?

9:14 - I'm most certainly partial to a heel Christian.  If this is his swan song, then he should go out as the creepy little bastard that originally got him over.

9:13 - After all of the things he's overcome, THAT'S the thing that sends him out on a stretcher?

8:59 - I typically defend Cena but a criticism against him -- and I think it's a fair one -- is that when he's supposed to be angry and vengeful, he just becomes a company shill man.  Cena just got screwed out of the WWE Championship, and he's here promoting Hulk Hogan, WrestleMania, WWE Network, and Raw.

8:50 - Fantastic match, as expected.  The only thing that's frustrating is that Cesaro had the goods this entire time, it's too bad they went through that period where he was being jobbed out.  But oye, rough landing for Big E.

8:28 - I am now officially have a subscription to the WWE Network.  Thankfully, the kinks seem to be worked out because I signed up with no issues whatsoever.  Also, PLEASE tell me they're doing something with this WWE title match?  Because what I just saw is atrocious.  Orton brings up that the fans hate Batista.  Batista basically tells the fans to F off, and the fans STILL didn't buy into the routine.  This main event is a total mess, and the perfect example of why it's a mistake to cherry pick your top stars instead of allowing your fans to pick them for you.

8:22 - I (VERY frustratingly) missed the first 20 minutes of the show because I got forced into running errands for something that has nothing to do with me.  But I did get a kick out of the fact that the second I tune in, I have Michael Cole saying "it's more of the same here on Raw," and seeing Batista and Alberto Del Rio in the ring.

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