Thursday, February 27, 2014

Matt vs. the bus company

Man oh man, I'm probably going to be banned from the bus company after today (name of said company removed to protect the innocent).  I had to work in the city today, and just like last time, it was an adventure!  I arrived at the bus stop in my hometown and jumped on the waiting bus.  I was one of the first people to get on, so he didn't have change for my $20.  I sat down right in the front and told him I'd pay once he had enough money.  Well, as luck would have it, 95% of the people paid with a pass, so he NEVER ended up getting enough change.  I probably could have snuck right off, but I decided to be honest.  So when we got to the bus terminal in New York City, I asked if he had change and he said no.  So I got a free bus ride into the city!  Not too shabby.

However, like last time, I realized that going home would be a lot rougher.  I got to the bus terminal and I bought myself a ticket (while you can buy a ticket on the bus to go to the city, you need to buy a ticket prior to getting on the bus to go home) and went towards my gate.  No exaggeration, but the line for my bus went down the stairs and wrapped around three hallways.  If I had gotten on the back of that line, I likely would have waited a minimum of a couple hours.  It was THAT long.  I decided to text my friend (who works nearby) to see if he wanted to meet up with drinks.  Before he even responded, I noticed that there was another doorway to my gate and it was SIGNIFICANTLY shorter.  Like, probably 1/16th the length.  I checked the sign and it looked like it goes to my stop, so I jumped on the back of that line.  I ended up waiting maybe 20 or so minutes, instead of two days.

I finally get on the bus, and the driver looks at my ticket and asks what stop I'm going to.  I tell him, and he tells me THIS bus doesn't go there, but to just go to the front of the line for the other bus because that one does.  So I get off the bus and I do what I'm told, essentially jumping to the front of that very same line that went down three hallways.  AND it was an express bus AND there were seats!

All things considered, could it have been a more fortuitous commute?

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