Monday, February 3, 2014

LIVE thoughts on a terrible show produced by a moronic company - February 3, 2014

11:09 - Awesome match and the right ending, done in the right way.  The post match beat down was unusual, only because I'm not sure what it's leading towards.  Aren't we supposed to believe that Orton is at odds with the Authority?  He believes they're conspiring against him, and they're trying to make sure he's the right choice to represent the company.  Presumably, a loss would make things worse for both sides.  So what sense does it make to have Orton standing in the ring with the Authority's muscle to close the show?  Why not just let the show end with Bryan having his little moment?  It's not as if the fans don't resent the company enough already?  Give them this little happy ending.

11:00 - Is this WWE's way of forewarning us that we'd have to see Cena/Orton again?

10:47 - Got a kick out of the fact that the headset was actually dragged into the ring.

10:42 - Interesting to note is that Orton will apparently be facing all of his Chamber opponents over the next couple of weeks, and he's STARTING with Bryan.  Granted, they do have a lot to worry about with the audience reaction, but it's too bad that Bryan wasn't the culmination of this challenge.  Then again, I do understand that any other opponent would have resulted in some very unhappy fans.

10:23 - AJ on commentary is so much more fun and enjoyable when the announcers aren't bullying her.

10:14 - So somebody is finally chanting for a person who is actually in the match.....and they have him get pinned cleanly.

10:11 - Nice "We want Ziggler!" chant.

10:07 - Is it me, or is that a new "we're here" opening video?

10:00 - Is Alberto Del Rio planning on going to a Jersey bar after this segment?  That outfit doesn't scream "Mexican Aristocrat."

9:57 - Well if there was ever a guy to save a segment, it's Alberto Del Rio....

9:54 - Sooooo, how do you think this Batista segment is going to go?

9:34 - My only exposure to Emma was at Axxess this past year.  She wrestled a match and her theme music was plastered in my memory.  The rest of the day, my friend and I were singing that tune.

9:31 - Mick Foley keeps tweeting about how Daniel Bryan should win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tonight.  While I completely agree, am I mistaken that this is NOT a title match?  Was it established anywhere in that promo that the title would be on the line?

9:23 - So is Miz going to turn heel now, only for it to be completely disregarded in a couple weeks?

9:21 - Anybody remember when Zack Ryder was Titus O'Neil's pro on NXT?

9:14 - Awesome camera shot of Cody going for that moonsault.  Incredible.  Do SOMETHING big with Cody, that kid's got it.

8:57 - Maybe I'm just cranky and exhausted from the snow, but are Jerry Lawler's jokes especially dreadful tonight?

8:48 - So far, 100% of the matches tonight have had some blood.

8:41 - No matter how hard or how often they try, Swagger always ends up in a losing streak angle.

8:37 - I get a kick out of the fact that the backup plan, if they want to put somebody "better" in the Elimination Chamber match, is to injure Christian.  As if the guy hasn't had enough injuries (or injury angles) in the past two years.

8:34 - That comeback didn't even make sense.

8:29 - I will admit one thing, though.  I am REALLY into this Shield/Wyatts feud.

8:23 - "Same old, same old."  You said it, not me, Michael.

8:18 - By the way, on my screen, CM Punk -- but NOT Stephanie and Triple H -- is trending on Twitter.

8:06 - Wondering if Triple H's comments were directed at somebody OTHER than Randy Orton.....

8:05 - I'm wondering if we're seeing some production trickery.  There are strong Punk chants that suddenly go away after a few seconds.

8:02 - That didn't take long.  The CM Punk chants start.  Oh, and after the Authority firmly established themselves as heels last night, Randy Orton is back to accusing them of wanting them of wanting to get the title off of him.

7:26 - Okay, it was a personal snow day for me today, which means I worked at home.  And staring at my bed while working has made me pretty drowsy.  Spending a couple hours cleaning out the driveway hasn't helped either.  Which means, if this show isn't engaging, I might not make it the full three plus hours.

A few things to consider going into tonight's show:  Will the live crowd continue to turn on Batista?  Will they hijack segments?  Will it be for Bryan or Punk?  And will they "change course" to satisfy their fans and their own wrestlers?

Oh, and I will post the results of the Year End Awards shortly.  I promise.

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