Monday, March 24, 2014

LIVE Raw thoughts - March 24, 2014

11:09 - I'll admit that I haven't caught Main Event or Smackdown, but have they even bothered explaining WHY these two want to fight each other?  We understand Brock's motivation, but what is Undertaker's?  He's the one who made the challenge.

11:02 - Brock Lesnar's high pitched yell is the worst thing he could possibly do.

10:50 - The Shield is quite possibly my favorite part about WWE right now.  I do think it's strange, though, that Rybaxel is getting the nod for the tag titles instead of the more over and more talented Real Americans.

10:47 - I've said it before and I'll say it again:  I'm thrilled that they've managed to put the spotlight on Seth Rollins.  Another great reason to keep them together -- they've found a formula to make stars out of all three of them.

10:29 - By the way, I think it was Alex Riley on the pre-show but I enjoyed the observation:  As the Shield has evolved, we've seen an evolution of their leadership as well.  Ambrose was the de facto leader when they debuted.  Then, when Roman Reigns experienced his surge of success, he seemed to take over as leader.  Now, we're seeing Seth Rollins take charge.  It's interesting, especially when you consider that the direction of the group varies depending on who is in the leadership role.

10:24 - While totally deserving, Scott Hall is a surprising entrant.  It's just surprising to see him go in before Kevin Nash.  While Hall is undoubtedly the more talented of the two, Nash had experienced more success in each of the promotions they've competed in.  I'd hate to sound skeptical, but I can't help but wonder if the timing of this is that Hall is currently clean and, well, alive.....and in a few years, one of those might not be true?  I have to say....seeing this thin, young, healthy looking Scott Hall is a little depressing, when you consider how he looks now.

Also odd that he's being inducted as Razor Ramon, with his most significant contribution to wrestling history -- the nWo -- being completely overlooked.

10:12 - "Hey, so we have an over Diva who is unique among the rest of the group and sells a bunch of merchandise!  She's also the longest running Divas Champion in history!"  "Let's job her."

10:10 - Fun visual of Cena tied up in the sheep mask.

10:00 - I'll admit I don't know a whole lot about Luke Harper, but this is a surprisingly good match!

9:38 - Remember my blog post about the Shield, which talked about tag teams that are broken up, only to do nothing with them?  See Titus and Darren Young.

9:31 - So wait, Miz is back to being a heel now?  Or is he going to do what he did a few months ago with Michael Strahan and just say he was joking and having fun?

9:27 - Arnold, that's just about the least flattering hairstyle you could possibly have if you have a receding hairline.

9:18 - Oddly, the Goldust/Cody mash up is the one joint theme I really don't like.  The two themes just don't go well together.

9:07 - Relatively inoffensive Triple H promo that actually built up the feud with Daniel Bryan and segued into the title match.  Part of what made it work is that Cole was there to remind the audience that Triple H is the villain, despite Triple H's semi-logical justifications behind his actions.

8:51 - With their black gear, Los Matadores REALLY are wearing El Matador's attire right now.  SEE

8:42 - Scooby Doo was my favorite cartoon growing up.  I'm legitimately excited about this cartoon.

8:34 - Well, I was right about one of the two people eating the pin....but at least the other option got to win the match.  And it WAS a really great match, too.  By the way, am I the only one disappointed with Big E's Intercontinental title reign?  Like, what has he actually done with the championship?  It seemed like it could be the beginning of a push.....but he hasn't really done anything.  He hasn't been dominant.  He hasn't been conniving.  He's just....there.

8:21 - Kinda love the fact that Alberto Del Rio didn't get a televised entrance but Dolph Ziggler did.  Also kinda love the fact that Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio have been relegated to #1 Contender to the Intercontinental Title status.  Don't very much like the fact that Christian or Dolph will probably be eating the pin here.

8:07 - In moderation (and that's an important qualifier) and when she's willing to act like a smarmy heel, the Stephanie McMahon character can work.

7:53 - Against all odds, I actually kinda like the card they're building for WrestleMania.  And I kinda like the character development we're seeing.  So, reluctantly, I allow my LIVE Raw thoughts to return to its usual blog title.  You're on thin ice, buddy, so be careful!  Here's hoping for (another) strong show.

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