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LIVE The Walking Dead thoughts - Episode 4-15

Be sure to click below for my LIVE thoughts on this week's episode of The Walking Dead.  Obviously, spoilers are within.

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10:01 - Quite the interesting episode.  And I suspect Terminus will prove to be too good to be true.  I am psyched about next week's finale, though!  What did you all think?

9:59 - I was just about to say that Rick's blink and you missed it scene was odd.  Now it makes sense.  Things are going to get very interesting.

9:54 - It was kinda sweet how Glenn lied to Maggie about how he met Tara.

9:46 - Loved everything about that scene.  Loved that Tara wanted Glenn to leave.  Loved that Glenn wouldn't leave, despite his certain demise.  Loved the fact that it looked like he would go down fighting before Maggie and the crew came to his rescue.  And loved that we saw the Glenn/Maggie reunion.  Great scene.

9:44 - I'm surprised to say this....but I kinda like this redneck leader.

9:17 - Since it's a commercial break, I'll ask the question that I've been debating with some:  Does Daryl have feelings for Beth?  I personally do not believe so.  In my opinion, when he was having that discussion with her in the kitchen and there was a knowing moment of awkward silence, I thought he was telling her that her general innocence and sweetness restored his faith in humanity and made him care about people (including her) again.  Others have argued that he was revealing that he has romantic feelings for her.  Without a doubt, the scene was open to interpretation and I could see how they read it that way....I just don't see it.  Beth has been portrayed as such a young girl that I think that revelation would be unsettling.  Plus, ya' know, there's the whole Carol thing.  How did you read that scene?

9:05 - Glenn's reaction to Maggie's note was sweet.  And actually, a friend of mine at work has wondered why these people don't do this more often.  Why aren't they ALL leaving notes for each other?  We see that they're all in the same proximity and you have to assume that THEY assume they're all in the same proximity.  Why not leave more notes?

Another thing I've found interesting about the second half of this season is trying to figure out the timeline of everything.  Are we to assume that this is all going on concurrently?  Or is one group's story days ahead of another group's story?  There was one point, I believe, that Daryl and Beth found a group of dead walkers....and later on, we see Tyrese killing those very walkers, which sorta gave us a glimpse of the timeline.  But what else?  Did Daryl get hooked up with these rednecks before or after they entered Rick's house?  I think it'd be kinda cool if we discovered it was before....which means that Daryl was in the house when Rick was hiding under the bed.

And was the forest fire from last week's episode from Daryl and Beth setting the house on fire?

9:02 - I've taken a few weeks off from the LIVE The Walking Dead thoughts, mostly because I've been too tired on Sunday night, but let's get this thing back on track!  It's the penultimate episode of the season, and the usual rules apply:  No spoilers beyond what has happened in this episode and what we see in the previews.  No comic talks, as I don't read 'em.  Now....enjoy!

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