Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Case of the.... 24 - Episode 7-5

There was a lot about this episode of 24 that reminded me of the series’ first season. First we had Jack kidnapping his female cohort and pretending to execute her in order to achieve a “greater good,” as determined by the very people that Jack is attempting to stop. The pacing of the season is also a lot steadier. Season six was lauded for starting off with a bang. When the story began, we were already in the midst of a series of terrorist attacks. Within a few episodes, a nuclear bomb went off. While this seemed like a pleasant change of pace at first, it quickly became obvious that they had screwed the proverbial pooch. This season is reminiscent of the show’s glory years, where CTU didn’t have magic abilities where they could instantaneously pull up any information at the click of a mouse. So far, bravo!


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