Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fox cancels Prison Break


Honestly, as long as they're able to finish the series with an appropriate ending, I think this is a good thing. If they keep the show going any longer and refuse to write off certain unethical characters, they run the risk of making the characters we're supposed to root for irredeemable.

To me, Prison Break has reached its natural end. Michael and his crew have essentially made a legitimate agreement with the government and they finally have the means to take down the Company. Most of our questions have been answered, and virtually every character has achieved their acts of revenge.

So no, I am not completely saddened by this news. But I do think its contingent that the show be allowed to end appropriately. Have Michael and Lincoln earn their freedom, with no strings attached. Reunite Lincoln with his son and girlfriend. Destroy the Company. Permanently lock up or kill T-Bag. Have Michael and Sarah sail off into the sunset. Don't just end it abruptly.

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