Friday, January 9, 2009

The King of fast food advertising

I have to admit that I rarely eat fast food, and when I do I'm partial to Wendy's (in my opinion, the absolute best fast food franchise by a rather large margin). But that being said, for the past year or so, the promotional campaigns produced by Burger King have been absolutely brilliant. I'm part of the marketing department at the company I work for, so I have a special appreciation for these ideas that really look outside the box. And Burger King has done that in absolute spades.

This began last year when they aired two promotions that utilized the hidden camera technique. One commercial showed customers receiving competitors' burgers instead of the Whopper (like the Big Mac, for example). The other had customers believing that the Whopper has been discontinued altogether.

Just recently, they began showing the Whopper Virgin campaign. While the title is a bit racy, the idea was pretty brilliant: Bring a Whopper and a Big Mac to an area that has never tried a hamburger and see which one they prefer in a blind taste test.

Now, my absolute favorite one, is shown above. If you delete ten friends on Facebook, you get a free Whopper. And the best part of all? It shows up on your profile that you sacrificed these people for a Whopper!

Bravo to you, Burger King, for some damn clever advertising.

Although I have to admit that the commercials in which the Whopper is an emotionally abusive father disturb me greatly....

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