Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Those helpful folks at Walgreens

So I'm reading an article on that rates the best and worst chain stores, based on customer service. Walgreens wasn't included, but after my experience yesterday I'm beginning to think it should have been.

I was feeling congested and thought I might be fighting a cold, so I decided to go buy some cough drops. As I stared at the wide selection, I noticed that the most desirable flavors had "Non-Mentholated" written across the top. I had no idea what this meant as it relates to its overall effectiveness (do I want it to be mentholated? Is that good?) so I went to three individual employees -- including the PHARMACIST -- to ask them what "non-mentholated" means. I shit you not, but literally all three of them answered with, and I quote, "there's no menthol."

Gee, you think? I mean, I don't know, perhaps it was a really stupid question, but surely a pharmacist would be used to ridiculous questions, and would know to give an answer with as much information as possible. Sheesh. I just found it funny that all three of them answered the exact same way. Incidentally, when I asked a handful of people at work if they knew what it meant, those that did instinctively answered by telling me something informative about non-mentholated vs. mentholated cough drops.

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