Monday, December 16, 2013

LIVE Raw thoughts - December 16, 2013

10:36 - I miss Daniel Bryan's awesome ring jacket.  Also, how long do you see Orton carrying around both belts?  It only gives the impression that the belts will eventually be un-unified (which may be the plan....but you shouldn't want to pass along that idea).

Alright, watching this match from bed!

10:24 - Glad to see AJ still winning!  Where's my AJ/JoJo match?

10:07 - By the way, if I stop commentating it doesn't necessarily mean I'm not enjoying the show.  But I do have to wake up at, like, 5 in the morning I might retreat to my bed to watch the rest of the show.

9:48 - There really have been a lot of tag team matches tonight, haven't there?

9:39 - I kinda miss HBK's crazy mountain man beard.  And, oh yeah, still hate Punk's sideburns.  I also love HBK's heelish character.  Not explicitly bad, but cracks when push comes to shove.

9:27 - Sooooo we're supposed to like Cameron and Naomi for just abandoning the injured Tensai?

9:23 - Hard to believe that at one time, all four of these guys were getting monster pushes (a stretch, admittedly, with Axel).

9:20 - Is it me, or are Brodus Clay and Mark Henry gradually switching characters?

9:11 - While I'm all for this renewed tag team division, I really can't help but feel like Cesaro is meant for something bigger and better.

9:00 - There's something about Jack Swagger that makes me care less about everything going on around him.

8:48 - I'm back!  I suspect Dolph's year will go just as the Miz's did.  He'll lose more often than not, but will get a couple of wins in order to avoid being completely buried.  Is there some sort of curse behind my "Superstar with the most promising next year" award?  First Ryder, now Ziggler.

8:32 - I'm flipping back and forth.  I have a feeling they'll have Big Show/Rey win so that they can become #1 least favorite manner of getting from A to B.  And if they ARE going to do that, I wish they'd just do it in the main event.

8:27 - I'll be honest.....I'm considering just finishing the rest of Once Upon A Time right now.

8:21 - That's a very specific compliment from Cody.  "My first singles match at WrestleMania."  Also, shame on Cody....wearing a green vest with black and red trunks.  Yeesh.

8:14 - Geez, as characters, all of the authority figures are all over the place.  I really have no sense of their motivation.  They're all mostly heel, but sometimes not.

8:11 - Again, love the emphasis on Bryan.  And I don't even mind Cena being his only makes him seem like a bigger star.  But why do I get the feeling that Bryan is only going to be used as fodder tonight?

8:04 - I love the emphasis on Daniel Bryan (in addition to the logical Cena) during Orton's entrance.  Made him look like a big time star.  I also love the fact that the Shield is on the arena floor, and not on the stage.

8:00 - I'm actually trying to catch up on last night's Once Upon A Time too.  No spoilers, please, as I'm not done watching it.  If it was any other week, I probably would't turn this on.  But I'm eager to see what happens next on Raw.

7:51 - Looking forward to Raw, actually!  I'm not so much a fan of the "WWE World Heavyweight Championship" name, but we'll see how long it lasts.  Check back in about 10 minutes for my LIVE thoughts.

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