Saturday, December 21, 2013

The RU Screw

Back when I went to Rutgers, there was something known as the "RU Screw."  The premise was that, whether it had to do with housing or scheduling or financial matters, Rutgers would find a way to screw you over.  My friends even had RU Screw t-shirts made, which I still occasionally wear to a great reaction.

I've been out of college for nearly ten years now but the Screw is still getting me.  My friends and I purchased tickets to the Pinstripe Bowl -- the game uniquely played at Yankee Stadium, featuring Rutgers against the popular Notre Dame -- the day the tickets went on sale.  My friend's credit card was even charged for the purchase.  Well today -- just one week before the game -- my friend gets an e-mail from Rutgers Athletics saying that they oversold their capabilities and that they will not be able to honor our "request" for a ticket.

On top of being really, really annoyed, I'm also terribly disappointed.  We went to the Pinstripe Bowl in 2011 (shown above) and it was an awesome time.  Bars in New York City were Rutgers-ified, adorned in red and selling Fat Sandwiches.  And watching a game at Yankee Stadium was a neat experience.  And as far as this year goes, a lot of friends from work are separately going to the game as well.  I had even bought a shirt from the new Heritage Collection to wear to the game.  So right now, my friends and I are scrambling to find out if anybody has tickets that they're trying to get rid of, or if they're LEGITIMATELY available anywhere else.

So, yeah, if you have any tickets you're looking to get rid of, let me know!  And damn, Rutgers, you make it so hard to defend you sometimes....

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