Monday, December 2, 2013

LIVE Raw thoughts - December 2, 2013

11:15 - Fine enough ending.  I just wish the entire episode was as focused on pushing TLC.  Felt like a lot of wasted nonsense and weak and/or lazy match endings.

11:02 - Gotta love this "sneaky" way they manage to mention that Triple H held all these championships.

I also love the retconning.  "This isn't thrown together, we've thought about it for years!"

10:40 - I do dig those track jackets the Real Americans are sporting.

10:35 - What was even the point of reshowing the throw up stuff from Smackdown?

10:33 - Yeahhhh, methinks the match was supposed to end with that cross bodydrop sequence.

10:32 - Fandango has lasted a lot longer than I expected him to.

10:21 - It's so difficult to tell who this company is burying half of the time.

10:17 - First Del Rio, now Kofi....what, was there an overabundance of red tape backstage today?

10:14 - So are they, like, under the impression that we're invested in this Miz/Kofi friendship?

10:02 - Wait, really?  Another roll up?

9:35 - Think anybody will mention that whole "punching out your partners' father" thing?

9:27 - Well, I'm happy to be wrong.  Since Del Rio has no direction right now, why continue feeding him people like they have for years now?  But c'mon, Sin Cara ducked out of that enzigurai before Del Rio even left his feet.

9:22 - Well this is funny.  You know how I talked about how Ziggler/Sandow was like Ziggler/Kofi or Kofi/Miz?  I ALMOST write "Del Rio/Sin Cara" too....but I decided not to, since they hadn't fought in a while (thank the injuries).  And look what match we have!  And it ends the same EVERY time....Del Rio makes Sin Cara tap.

9:21 - I wonder if Sin Cara injured himself getting that tattoo.

9:15 - THREE!  The last THREE matches have ended with a roll up.

9:11 - I do kinda like how Brodus has spikes on his ring gear.

9:08 - THAT'S how the route they decided to go with for the first Daniel Bryan and Kane scene since Kane's gimmick change?

9:00 - Fun match, but did they just end two matches in a row with a roll up?

8:47 - So Daniel Bryan was left in a parking lot after Raw Monday but was still being held captive by the Wyatts on Smackdown Friday?

8:41 - Daniel Bryan has had a pretty solid string of t-shirts for the past year or two, but i'm not a huge fan of this goat cartoon one.

8:29 - This just goes to show you that they can stuff Total Divas down our throat all they want, but AJ friggin' SKIPPING is more over than anyone in the match.

8:26 - So it doesn't look like we're getting AJ vs. JoJo.  Instead, she's up against my two least favorite Divas, and an inconsistently pushed Natalya.

8:20 - Ziggler/Sandow is like the new Miz/Kofi (or hell, Kofi/Ziggler)....two guys who constantly face each other with neither guy truly ever advancing because of 50/50 booking.

8:12 - If WWE really had any guts, they'd let us vote on which title design we want the winner to use.

8:07 - So Kane ditched the contact, completely obliterating his former character.  This character shift is rather strange, since he was incredibly over and in a good place on the card already.  Hate to say it, but why not put Miz in this role?

8:06 - I'm curious about Punk's shirt.  The design doesn't seem to fit any WWE Authentic one he wears....and he's got his hoodie zipped up.

8:04 - Stephanie McMahon has the worst theme music in the business.  The tempo doesn't solicit an instinctive response and it doesn't even seem to fit her character.

8:01 - Glad to see they're opening with Punk (and potentially the Shield or the Wyatts by extension), but dude really needs to grow back the beard.

7:56 - So the Raw preview says that they're now guaranteeing one champion.  Which I'm fine with.  It's just too bad that it's only after 3 weeks of build.

7:49 - I'll do some LIVE Raw thoughts for tonight's show, but I'll forewarn you that I might not make it the full 3 hours.  To be honest, this episode has a lot to prove....there is literally not a single angle going on right now that I'm eager to see play out.  But if they give me AJ vs. JoJo tonight, all will be forgiven.

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